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I have a friend that learns faster from colors, graphs and objects. He loves to create a physical identification or representation of anything he is learning or wants to learn. It works for him, because he is a Visual learner.

A spatial learner might find it difficult to use mnemonics to learn but would prefer the differentiation of objects with their specific sets using different colors. However, an aural learner might not really need identication, their hearing alone sticks the information into memory.

What works for you may or may not work for another, as there are different styles and/or forms of learning. In this article, I will show you who a visual learner is, their characteristics, study techniques, and how to teach one.

Who is a Visual Learner?

A visual or Spatial learner, understands better by visualizing or seeing the information in drawings, pictures, diagrams, graphs, tables, map etc.

Such a learner prefers to learn by drawing and doodling because they absorbs information through what they see.

Features of Visual Learners:

  • They are stimulated by visuals and enjoy learning with them.
  • They tend to read/understand bodily movements and facial expressions.
  • A visual learner appreciates the use of video, flashcards, pictures in the learning process.
  • They are perfectionists and organized when it comes to noticing physical changes of things in the environment.

How to teach a Visual Learner:

Visual learners are meticulous and exhibit strengths that are very important to know when teaching one. Here are the easy ways:

  • Prepare a quiet and noise-free space.
  • Ensure to make provisions for personal whiteboard as it helps them doodle ideas on it.
  • Play videos of the lessons and make use of flashcards.
  • While teaching, use pictures, images, drawings, maps, graphs, charts as these help them understand effectively.
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In the learning process, the sense organs are vital as they facilitate long-term learning. In teaching a visual learner, videos, pictures, maps, flashcards or doodle facilitates learning.

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