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There many assumptions made concerning different ways people learn. These assumptions lead to the fact that there are different methods or styles people adopt in learning. The verbal method (Verbal Learner) involves speaking.

If you use this learning style; you easily express yourself and learn through discussions, talk to yourself most times while you are trying to figure out a problem, read aloud most times, and enjoy learning through spoken word.

In this article, you’ll understand more about the verbal learner, their characteristics, and study tips to guide you through study.

Who is a Verbal learner?

Verbal learners are often referred to as linguistic learners. They enjoy speaking and interacting while learning. Just as I mentioned at the onset, they are good public speakers who are good with words and can respond to quizzes and tests that require spoken or written questions.

One peculiar thing I know about Verbal learners is that they re-read and record their course work in their own words to make reading easier for them while studying.

Characteristics of a Verbal learner

  • They enjoy conversations and questions regarding what they know or learned.
  • They are good with words, that is why most verbal learners have an amazing vocabulary.
  • Usually active in class, they learn by asking questions thereby creating an interacting environment.
  • Most verbal learners find it difficult to learn visually or logically.
  • They find talking easier and less stressful compared to writing.
  • They enjoy games that require communication.
  • Since they qualify as aural learners, they are good at learning new languages.
  • They would rather talk about an event than write about it.
  • Most verbal learners use words like: “Let’s talk about it”, “I can create a discussion forum for it”, “I can explain it to you…”.
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Study tips for a Verbal learner:

Since verbal learners learn more by communicating, it’s best they are taught using certain mediums that require sharing of ideas through interaction and questionable conversations. Here are some of the study tips for linguistic learners:

  • Provide them with video course works that require interaction and communication with their various instructors.
  • Setup mnemonics that explain the key points of a topic.
  • Create a song out of complex topics to help them sing and commit to memory.
  • Make them recite what they learned in the previous class.
  • Create an avenue for class interaction on a question and answer session to help them express themselves.
  • A verbal learner is a good communicator, therefore expose him/her to student-student teaching.
  • Create room for presentation works using projectors and slides to help them air their views on a specific concept.

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Careers a Verbal learner can engage in:


Teachers tend to learn a subject better by passing knowledge to others. Since verbal learners are good communicators, they would enjoy teaching and passing knowledge to people around them.

One of the benefits of being a teacher is the influence on students’ Lives. This influence is one of the immaterial benefits they are often faced with.

The joy of any investor is to see his investment yield great results. In the teaching world, this result comes in the form of prompt response of students to what you are trying to impact in them.

This is one of the amazing things a verbal learner enjoys.

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Public Speaking:

Most of the ideas a public speaker passes across to the public come from reading and getting the appropriate information.

However, most public speakers are verbal learners, and more of what they speak tends to stick with them since they are in the usual act of passing knowledge to the public.


Of all the learning styles, there is no ideal one. All you have to do is to check out what works best for you. A verbal learner learns well by conversating and interacting and it’s the basic reason they are good with debates and demonstrations.

No learning style is actually perfect for a person. There are verbal learners who learn best by communicating with people within their circle. In this context, they feel shy talking in public or even expressing themselves but they are great writers.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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