Things to do on the First day of College

I know you are happy to be done with High School, all the fun you had, the wonderful friends you will miss and now you will be wondering what are the things to do on the first day of college?

Sometimes you will ask yourself, “How is life going to be in college?”, “What type of

Cloth will I wear?”, “OMG, I hope “I don’t want to get into the gangsters in campus”….

All these things will be going through your mind but I want you to have it in mind that

college will be more expressed and social than High School because you will meet a

lot of people from different backgrounds and perspectives of Life.

With all these Things, I know you will be worried and wondering the things to do on the first day of college class, but in this post, I will show you what to do.

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1.It can’t be over emphasised – Be Early:

As a new student coming into campus, you need to acquainted with the college environment

So, you need to get to know the venue of the lecture a day before the

first class so that you don’t get confused the next morning while looking for your lecture hall.

Don’t create this:

It will really give a bad impression of you if you start the new semester with coming to

the first lecture late, you might even miss the attendance because some funny

lecturers take attendance of the students in class the moment they(professor) gets into the class.

How do you handle this issue?

  • Try your best to get to know your lecture hall a day before the actual lecture.
  • Set at least two alarms, one close to the bed and the other far away from the bed.
  • Prepare for the first class a night before.
  • Sleep early.
  • If at all you couldn’t get to know your lecture hall before hand, you can ask questions on how to get to the lecture hall.

2. Pay Attention:

This is one of the important things to do on the first day of college because whatever

you don’t understand on the first day of college might be difficult for you if you don’t

put interest into understanding it at the early time of the semester.

How do you pay attention in class:

  • Make up your mind to pay attention
  • Stay away from your distracting friends
  • Remove your phone
  • Follow what the professor is teaching.

3. Come Prepared:

I know you really enjoyed high school and you know what is required when coming for a class, So come along with the things that are needed.

Though some extra things are required but it’s still the materials you used in high school.

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Don’t Make this Mistake:

You don’t have to be that college student that comes to the first lecture of the semester, asking for pen or pencil , ruler or even an extra notebook.

So come for the first day of college class prepared so that you can focus in what is being taught in college.

Things needed for the first day In College:

  • Writing materials- Notebook, Pen/Pencils
  • Laptop, Charger and Extension
  • Modem or Mobile Phone for internet access.
  • Storage devices.
  • School bag

4. Connect with People

This is one of the most important things to do on the first day of college.

Your network is your net worth; so you need to get to know your new course mate and their names.

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Don’t forget this:

A person’s name is to him the greatest sound he would ever love to hear so, try your best not to forget the name of your course mate because they will value you for that…

It’s normal:

Everybody is nervous just like you, so try your best not to show your nervousness, be bold enough to talk to your new course mates.

Nobody knows that you are nervous except you.

In trying to connect with your Couse mates, you can find a bestie or a study partner who will help you in college.

5. Get to know your College Professor:

As a Fresher who is new to College, you need to get to know your professor.

If possible try and ask a meaning question in the course of his class and get his attention.

How do I talk to my Professor:

You can send him a mail as an introduction telling him your name and describing the way you really enjoyed his class. Compliments are highly important.

It’s normal that you are not the only one that sent him a mail so he might not really

remember or get to know you. One of the important things to do on the first day of college is to meet him one and one.

Introduce yourself to him and let him get to know you better.

6. Get to know the College Syllables:

Just like you are new to College, you need to get acquainted with the college syllables so

that you can read ahead of your professor and also ask meaningful questions when he teaches.
Not having the syllables at hands results to:

  • Poor planning
  • Time wasting
  • Lagging behind in a course.

7. Dress well:

This is one the most important things to do on the first day of college; it can’t be over emphasised.

It’s very important.

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

If at the first day of college you see your fellow student dressed half naked, what will come to your mind?

Your mind might automatically condemn her but if you see someone that is dressed well and talks to people wonderfully well,

You will love to meet and interact with that person.

That’s how far your dressing can go to tell about you.

8. Things to do on the first day of college – Be mindful of your words:

I will always tell people that first impression matters a lot to yourself and people around you.

How will you feel if you meet someone for the first day In college and he/she is kind and Warm hearted to you, how will you feel?

Absolutely you will be happy to converse with that person again.

On the other hand, imagine if you meet someone for the first time and just few seconds into the conversation,

he/she uses profane words on you or in the conversation, how would you feel?
I guess you won’t like to talk to that person again.

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All these are the irregularities and Pros of first impression.


The things to do on the first day of college are the important things that can help you scale through and do well in College.

Understand the things involved; College is not as difficult as seems so do your best and it will pay off.

Thanks for reading this post.

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