CFRN Exam (Meaning, Requirements, Benefits, Study tips)


CFRN Exam is a standardized examination administered by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) that assesses nurses seeking a career in flight nursing.

Flight nursing is a career field that offers numerous incentives.

However, if you aspire to become a flight nurse, a CFRN exam is a test that you must pass to receive a professional flight nursing license.

Having sufficient knowledge of CFRN and studying hard are secrets that will help you achieve excellent scores in the exam. 

Hence, this article will provide important information on the CFRN exam, the benefits of becoming a flight nurse, and other tips for excelling in the CFRN exam.

What is CFRN Exam?

CFRN Exam, which stands for Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam, is a professional license test written by nurses seeking to pursue a career in flight nursing.

This test controlled by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) and created by PSI evaluates the credentials of these candidates by measuring their specialized skills and professional knowledge.

Candidates who pass this exam receive a certification that empowers them to administer nursing duties in flights and other air transportation mediums.

Thus, Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam is a standardized test that offers access to a highly rewarding medical career path.

Eligibility Requirements for CFRN Exam

To take a Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam, candidates must satisfy the following requirements;

  • A valid US nursing license
  • International nursing degree holders must pass the International Credential Evaluation exercise

How to apply for CFRN Exam

You can apply for CFRN Exam by applying the following steps below;

Create an account:

Create a BCEN account online by visiting the official website of BCEN, and use a strong password to protect your account adequately.

Fill the application form:

Open the “My Certifications” section, click “Create New Application,” and answer all the questions you will be asked.

Pay for the exam:

After filling the application form, pay your registration fee online.

If you are using a credit card, copy the billing address, fill out the credit card information, submit it by clicking on the ‘submit order’ option and confirm your payment by clicking ‘confirm the order,’ which automatically generates a confirmation of the form completion.’

Wait for an exam eligibility mail:

Once your application has been processed, BCEN will send you an exam eligibility mail containing your exam details and some useful materials like a CFRN handbook for guidance.

Important tips to note about CFRN Exam 

Possessing sufficient information on the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam is one secret to hitting good scores in the exam.

Hence, if you are planning to write CFRN, take note of the following piece of information;


Candidates are expected to arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before the commencement of the exams with a valid ID card.

Release of results:

If you are writing the test live, the results immediately appear on the screen when you submit your test.

However, candidates that took the test at testing centers will receive a mail of their scores a few days after the exam.

Cost of Exam:

Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam costs $230 for professional association members and $370 for non-professional association members.

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International Exam:

CFRN is an exam that is written in several countries all over the world.

Official Language:

CFRN is only available in the English Language.

Schedule of Exam:

BSEN empowers candidates with the privilege of choosing their desired examination dates.

However, all candidates must submit a schedule and take the exams three months from their registration dates.

Exam eligibility email:

An exam eligibility email contains vital examination details of candidates.

The email is sent to candidates from the official email address of CFRN; by BSEN to CFRN candidates no later than four weeks from the registration date. 

No email after registration:

If you receive no registration email after four weeks from the day you registered, check your spam folder first, and if you find nothing, contact a BCEN Candidate Experience Specialist.

Exams rescheduling:

Candidates that wish to reschedule their CFRN exams must do that at least 48 hours before their scheduled exam date.

However, exam rescheduling is only available for candidates who have not exceeded three months from their registration date.


Candidates who fail to take the exam on their scheduled date without receiving authorization for rescheduling will forfeit the exam.


Candidates can re-sit CFRN several times but must wait for more than three months before re-taking the exam.


If you did not take the CFRN exam after registering, you could apply for a refund of the registration fees by sending a refund request to

Test pattern:

CFRN exam is a computer-based test. Candidates can either take the test at home via Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) or at PSI testing centers.

Live Remote Proctoring (LRP):

With LRP, you can take the CFRN exam at any location of your choice without the need to make a physical appearance at the testing center.

Duration of CFRN exam:

A CFRN exam lasts for 3 hours.

Number of questions:

CFRN exam offers a total of 150 questions.

Passing score:

The passing score of the CFRN exam is 108. 

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Benefits of pursuing a career in Flight Nursing:

A career in flight nursing is highly beneficial. Apart from the high demand for the job, here are other benefits you will enjoy when you become a flight nurse;

Highly rewarding:

Flight nursing is a highly rewarding career. By directly providing health care and attention to countless patients, you are creating a positive impact in people’s lives, which is quite fulfilling.

Job security:

Flight nurses are in high demand worldwide due to the specialized nature of their services. Hence, when you become a flight nurse, you will enjoy access to countless job opportunities.

International job openings:

All airlines have operational bases all over the world. Hence, becoming a flight nurse offers an opportunity for you to apply for an external job.

High paying career:

 Becoming a flight nurse will empower you with the privilege of enjoying a high-paying career because Airlines pay incredible salaries to flight nurses.


Nurses are one of the most respected professionals in society. Becoming a flight nurse will further increase the level of respect in society.


By interfacing with people daily at airports and on flights, you can build meaningful relationships with your superiors, colleagues, and patients that can positively change your life.


Possessing a certification in flight nursing is a flexible career that offers different career options that you can always fall back on.

If you desire to quit your job as a flight nurse, you can still become a private nurse or a public nurse in a government hospital.

How to study for CFRN Exam

CFRN exam is a test that covers several subject areas. However, you can excel in it by applying the following tips;

Create a favorable schedule: 

Create a schedule that allows you to devote most of your time to studies by eliminating some leisure activities and avoiding unproductive tasks.

Check the syllabus:

Every professional examination has its syllabus, and CFRN covers mostly health-related topics.

Hence, to avoid studying out of the area of concentration, check the syllabus before reading.

Take practice tests:

Taking sufficient practice tests ahead of your scheduled CFRN exam will boost your chances of success.

Thus, practice tests will expose your weaknesses ahead of the test, and with good hard work, you can correct them on time, which prevents failure.

Start studying early:

Don’t wait for a few months to the day of the exam before you start studying.

Rather, start reading for the exam once you receive an exam eligibility email stating your scheduled exam date.

Get sufficient rest:

Reading round the clock without resting will affect the performance of your brain. So, get enough rest days to keep your brain relaxed and fresh.

Eat well:

Eat healthy foods that are rich in nutrients consistently. This will help your brain to function at maximum capacity while you study and on exams day.

Stay calm on the day of the exam:

Taking a good breakfast and a little stroll before the exam will help eliminate all forms of anxiety.

Becoming nervous ahead of the exam can make you lose your memory and perform badly in the exam.

Don’t rush the difficult questions:

If a question is difficult or confusing, skip it immediately and attempt the easy ones first. Spending too much time on a difficult question will only incur a poor performance in the CFRN exam.


Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam is a standardized Computer-Based Test that assesses nurses seeking to pursue a career in flight nursing.

This test measures the knowledge and expertise of these aspirants in various health-related subjects. Moreover, flight nursing is a highly rewarding career that offers lots of benefits.

To become a flight nurse, you must pass the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam by applying the tips contained in this article.

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