14 amazing things to do before college (Must Read)

Yea, it’s definitely true that college isn’t so easy but can you cope with the pressures and insecurities of College? Life in college isn’t as you think it is, so here are the 14 things to do before college and also the things to know about college:


1.Your Peers will Pressure You:

This is one of the greatest problems of a freshman, they easily get pressured due to the new experiences they are going through.

Make friends, not friend-circles.

things to know about college
things to know about college

Learn to differentiate the valuable ones from the ones that re not adding value to you, the earlier, the better. This is one tip among the “14 things to do before college” most people take for granted.

Bless yourself with 2–3 close friends rather than 10 folks who won’t be there when you need them.

Close friends

This might sound absurd but is important.

Know this thing about College:

Make a handful of close and valuable friends, with whom you’d spend your entire College life, and choose them wisely.

The best way to deal with this issue is to set your Standards, tell yourself what you should do and shouldn’t do.

For instance, if you are in a long distance relationship, you need to set your standard that you won’t cheat on your partner no matter what happens; if you want a successful career, you set your Standard that you will always study and avoid exam malpractice.

These standards will help you to be YOURSELF and do your best because “The World needs YOU to be YOU.”

This is one thing among the 14 things to do before college.


2.You might not Like your Roommate:

As you are admitted into campus, odds might me that you might get a roommate that you don’t like.

things to know about college

By the time the semester is over, you’ll most likely have found a friend to stay with for the next semester. This is one tip most people don’t understand.


3.You might get into Unnecessary Problems:

Something terrible happened to me:

While I was in school, I paid my school fees online with my Student ATM card and it showed “TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL”,

then I proceeded to the admin office to submit my receipt, the admin officer looked through my receipt and said, “This receipt doesn’t contain the receipt number, Its fake!

Gosh! I was confused and shocked because I was sure I paid my fees

Long-story cut short, I had to go back to the bank to get a confirmation letter from the bank before my receipt was accepted.

There are times that unnecessary problems will come your way but all you have to do is to do the required thing and be steadfast on God.

Learn to totally commit your schooling into the hands of God and see this work in your favor. This is a tip I wish someone had said before I started College.

This is one of the things to do before college.


4. Don’t try to Start up a Business in your First Year if you can’t balance it:

I would advice you to concentrate more on balancing your academic life in your first year because your first year is a period for you to build up good grades and balance in school.

While I was in school, I made this terrible mistake, I was into a part time job that took most of my time, I would have to work for 6 hours to gain a good salary.

So, this affected my academic life but I resolved it the next year. I wouldn’t like you to make this mistake.

I wish someone had said this before I started College.


5. If you plan on getting Drunk in a Party, go with a Friend:

This issue is a very important one among the “14 things I wish someone had said before I started College”,

sometimes, you feel like enjoying yourself, getting high and being free from worry.

If you really want to go, make sure you go with a buddy that can take care of you or take you home because once you are drunk or high, you are not yourself and you don’t know what you are doing.

things to know about college
Swimming in drunkenness

This is because if you don’t have someone to take care of you, out of drunkenness, you might mistakenly do what is unexpected and regret it when you fully gain consciousness.

things to know about college
Out of Drunkenness

One thing about this is that most people wont listen to you because its as if you are underrating them or making them feel like a kid when you tell them this.

This happened to my friend, I wish someone had said this to him before he started College.


6. If you don’t Understand/Know Anything, ask Questions:

Yea, you feel you are grown enough, you are on campus, you are now a big dude; one advice I would give to you is that when you don’t understand something well, do well to ask questions.

14 Things I Wish Someone Had Said Before I Started College
Ask Questions

It happened to me:

I experienced this issue while I was in my first year, I felt it was an understatement for me to ask for direction, that was how I almost missed my exam because i wasn’t sure of the venue and I was reluctant to ask questions.

This is mostly found in timid students. Do well to learn to socialize and over it. I know you have a friend who should hear this. This is one thing among 14 Things I Wish Someone Had Said Before I Started College that touched my heart so much.


7. Learn how to say NO:

Sometimes you have to say NO to things that are against your standards , yes, its okay, you don’t have to agree to the terms of everybody around you.

Learn to say NO. No to smoking, alcohol and drugs. There’s no swag in them.

14 Things I Wish Someone Had Said Before I Started College

There’s no swag in them

Just don’t do it to look cool and stylish. Do not succumb to peer pressure. Your college friends will try to convince you to get the feeling of getting high but, you should learn the art of saying NO.


8. A Bad Grade is not the End of the world:

Yea, you were a star student in high school, perhaps you set high expectations for your first semester and you really did study hard but didn’t get the grade you expected.

Besides, you have more semesters to make up for that bad grade. If you could recall when I explained the issues I had while doing a part time job and going to school too,

I had a bad result that year but in subsequent years, I altered my study calendar and made up my grades.

This is one thing i wish to tell you about college because some things about college won’t really go as planned.



Just because you are new to campus doesn’t mean you should let anyone intimidate you. Learn how to speak up when you have am issue or when something is bothering you.

This is an important issue in this post titled, “14 things to learn how to do before college”.

14 Things I Wish Someone Had Said Before I Started College
Speak up

When you are in class and you don’t understand what the lecturer is saying, speak up. Ask that lecturer how he got the solution to that question, how that word is slept.

When you see a girl you admire, walk up to her and speak up, ask that girl if she wants to go for a coffee tonight.

Ask your senior students questions, your communication and leadership skills count as much as your technical and professional skills if not more.

I wish someone told me this about college.

10. Make sure your Safety is a Priority:

Your safety in school should be your priority; this is one of the things you should know before college. You need to be careful of what you eat, what you drink, and the kind of people you flow with.

Make sure you live in a comfortable place where you are free from attack of bad people.

TIP 11

11. Don’t be afraid to Seek out Mental Health Assistance:

College life is not easy.

Starting with living independent of your parents, coping with the pressure of friends and lecturers, men! its not easy.

Sometimes, you will come back to the house stressed up and tired, in fact you keep losing weight everyday.

Its not easy. One thing that strains the most is thinking about what to eat, OMG! I’m spending too much, who can give me money.

All these tend to strain you.

TIP 12

12. Always get to Understand What you want to buy FIRST:

There are times that you will be forced to buy a book because you are a fresher, don’t

succumb to such pressure. Know your grounds, don’t buy any thing that is against your will.

Sometimes, you will see a mail titled, “YOU NEED THIS COURSE”, always do well to verify any book, course before you spend money on it.

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TIP 13

13. Exercise when Necessary:

Just like your body needs food for survival, it also needs exercise for growth and development of the body.

Make out time to exercise your body, stretch yourself, jog around the block and be stronger.

14 Things I Wish Someone Had Said Before I Started College

While I was in school, the best way I shook of signs of sickness was to jog around, skip, do things that will make me remove sweat from my body and be free.

TIP 14

14. Go for Seminars in School:

You need to really know your reason for being in school.

Is it to make good grades only or to grow in all rounds of life. In that post, I explained that phrase, “Don’t let your schooling interfere with your education”.

Going back to the subheading: You need to attend seminars and conferences that will add value to your growth. This is one of the things to do before even before college and when you are in college.

Forget the phrase, “I don’t have time” and make the most out of your 24 hours every day. Everything is dependent on your planning.

Conclusion on things to do before college :

things to do before college

This post “14 things to do before college and the things to know about college” is made to reiterate the mistakes you are making and the need to take an immediate correction.

Thanks for reading this post. Do well to hit the “ALLOW” when the notification icon pops up.

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