Why Do We Have To Go to School? (Best Answer)

The rhetorical question “Why am I in School?” is a question you should ask yourself. From my study and research in school, I found out that students don’t know why they are in school.

Question to my Online Lecturer:

I asked one of my favorite online lecturers, Prof Chris Woods, this question, and here was his reply:

Is it all about the ‘A’ or ‘B’ or even the ‘C”, the ‘first class’ or ‘2-1, the job in the oil company, bank, large hospital or legal firm, the certificate or the ‘Money‘?

Shouldn’t there be more to education, such as genuine learning, self-discovery, leadership, dream pursuit, purpose discovery, and proper education?

His answer made me rethink.

Going back to our topic:

Here are some of the tips I used to answer the question while I was in school (academically):

  • Do I love what I’m studying?
  • Does what I’m studying add value to me?
  • Does my life depend on my course?
  • Do I have a passion for my course?

Then, if you answer this question, you can determine why you are in school(College). Is it to pass the time or wait for a particular period to evolve? Everything is up to you.

These are the things you can take advantage of:

1. School Is A Great Place To Network With Great Minds:

Great minds

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, started his company in school, he networked with great minds, and today Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms.

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You need to learn to network, meet new minds, connect, and work with them.

You have to learn to attend conferences, conferences are the easiest way to meet people that you pay thousands to meet in their offices.

So, the school will allow you to meet great minds that will add value to your future.

2. School Is Where You Discover Your Purpose And Vision:

Jim Rohn says, “The Major key to your better future is YOU” put your energy into achieving something worthwhile.

You shouldn’t just work but work for productivity.

3. School is a Great Place for you to learn any skill:

Anything you want to learn, both academically and non, somebody knows it. The issue involved is finding the person.

The person involved might not be around you, maybe in another school, or can even be your lecturer, but there exists someone that has something that you need.

One thing about school is that in anything or course offered, students are considered based on giving them a price they can afford(discount). At the end of the day,

you can become good by going to extra classes or doing more research.

4. School is a Great Place to grow your Leadership Qualities:

Have you ever met a rude person before? (Smiles, If you’ve not, then you have to…don’t mind me) How did you feel after your interaction with him/her?

Was it fun? …Gosh,

Whatever attitude or skill you couldn’t change or adjust in school, it won’t be easy to adjust it outside school.

You must engage in leadership/personal development seminars that groom and add value to you.

The school is where you can develop good public speaking skills and the power to lead.

It’s always good to volunteer for leadership positions because they help you learn to lead yourself to make the right decision, then lead others to do what is right.

5. School Is A Great Place To Learn How To Read:

Adieus Huxley said that “any man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting.”

Like I said before, you need to network with people and get close to people who can teach you how to read.

When I was in school, I didn’t recognize reading personal development books as a priority, I always said, “I don’t have time, I have a lot of assignments, notes to read, and projects to do,” but one day,

6. School Environment Is A Great Place To Learn How To Make Money:

The endpoint of all education and schooling is to add value to yourself and others.

So in school, you learn the different means of making money; even on getting to school, you will see guys with big cars moving up and down, and you will feel ashamed, so all these are the things you will see in college.

7. School Is Fun Where You Watch Football Matches:

Have you ever watched football in a viewing center? The roaring sound of the crowd, the shouts when a player misses a shot,

and the chats after the game make school fun. Sometimes you can leave the comfort of your room to go outside and watch a football match to get that feeling and that vibe.

So with these few things, your stay in school is not in vain.


Even if you don’t like the course you are studying, you can change departments, but even if it’s too late, don’t give up, continue because you are almost there; one thing I plead with you is as you are studying any course,

do well to do another thing that you love that can add value to your future and put money in your pocket.

Review from some students:

Student 1: I’m in school to get a good result(G.P) and get a good job only. I don’t need anything that can distract me.

Student 2: I’m in school to educate myself, grow in all life rounds, and meet people who will help me build my future. It doesn’t mean I won’t study by books, but I will grow in all aspects of my life.

Student 3: I didn’t want to go to school, but my parents forced me to so that people will not laugh at them, and now I’m struggling.

Now you can see that people are in school for different reasons, so know why you are in school.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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