How To Talk To Your Crush In High School (FAQs)

How To Talk To Your Crush In High School

Crush In High School: As a high school student, talking to your crush can be a difficult task for you, especially if both of you are not friends.

However, there are several techniques that you can employ to correct this and start talking with that boy or girl that you admire.

Asking them out on a date instantly will only bring rejection if you have not gotten to know them already. Thus, to talk to your crush in high school, apply the following tips:

1. Greet them: 

Whenever you see your crush in school, always be the first person to reach out to them. A simple ‘good morning’ can go a long way to telling them that you notice them and enable your crush to take note of you.

2. Sit close to them in class:

People are moved by what they see, and sitting down close to your crush regularly in class will draw their attention towards you.

If you notice that no one is sitting close to them in class, move immediately and boldly take over the empty seats.

If you are shy about that, you can talk to one of your close pals who looks innocent. They can sit close to them, and you take up the seat beside your pal.

3. Ask them about your assignment:

A class assignment offers you the best opportunity to talk to your crush.

If you know that they were present in the class where the assignment was given, you can ask them for their notebook and suggestions on how to go about it if he or she seems bright in class.

Also, if a class project requires a partnership between two students, grab such an opportunity with two hands by walking up to your crush and asking them to be your partner.

How To Talk To Your Crush In High School

4. Discuss your interests:

If you and your crush start talking, ensure you find out what they like. Ask them about their hobbies and also tell them about your interests.

If you love music, begin by discussing the latest track trending in the industry. If they flow in the conversation, it indicates that they also love music.

5. Praise them

When you are with your crush or bump into them in the hallway, ensure that you compliment them.

If their clothes aren’t particularly noteworthy, you can compliment them on how they styled their hair or watch.

Complimenting your crush now and then is a great way to tell them that you pay attention to every detail about them. It will also help them feel comfortable with you.

6. Be friendly

Put up a friendly countenance when you are around your crush.

If they are also very nervous around you, just like you are around them, smiling at them when you spot each other in the hallway will make them comfortable.

Also, make eye contact when you are talking to them and laugh whenever they try to make a joke.

7. Hang out with them

Hanging out with your crush is a great way to learn more about them. If you have available funds, you can take them to the mall, an open park, or even a zoo.

If you don’t have enough money to fund such outings, you can ask them to come to your place.

However, assure them that your parents and siblings will be around when they come, so they feel you have ulterior motives behind your invite.

8. Get their phone number

Asking your crush for their phone numbers is a great idea.

Beyond the fact that it will improve your communication with them, it will also help you keep up with one another in case you don’t get to see each other during the long vacations.

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How To Talk To Your Crush In High School

9. Chat them up on social media:

Chatting with your crush on social media is a great way to connect with them. Adding them up on social media will even allow you to know their type of person.

However, try to be more of a social media friend that likes the posts that come their way than a stalker, so they don’t get uncomfortable around you.

10. Search for signs that they like you as well:

Don’t just pour out your heart to your crush if you are unsure they feel the same about you. Instead, only tell them how much you like them when you see some signs that they want you as well.

You can ask your friends if they notice those signs as well.

Your crush may like you if they start discussions with you, text you often, smile when they see you, touch you, or remember what you said in your recent meetings.

11. Pour out your heart:

Once they offer possible signs that they also like you, tell your crush what you truly feel about them and that you would like to be more than a friend to them.

If you are too shy to do that physically, do it over social media, send them a text message or communicate your feelings via a card.

12. Ask them out on a date:

If your crush responds positively to your message, ask them out on a date immediately. Ask them where they would like you to take them to make them feel that you care about them.

However, you should only offer them such an opportunity if you know you have enough money to pay the bills wherever your crush desires.

You can also meet your parents for suggestions on where they would like you to go.

13. Don’t curse yourself if you are rejected: 

Although your crush may exhibit signs of liking you, it does not always mean they want you for real. If that is the case and you are rejected, don’t blame yourself for it.

Even though you will be pained, start doing something that will keep your mind away from that. You can even talk to your friends and start doing things you stopped doing because of your crush.

How to make the most of your time in high school

High school is one of the most pleasant stages of your life. At this point in your education, you should strive to improve yourself personally and socially.

There are several ways to have fun in high school, and dating someone is one of those ways. However, you can make high school more interesting by applying the following tips:

Take part in activities that interest you:

Engaging in extracurricular activities is one of the best ways to have fun in school. It is also an opportunity to make friends, develop yourself and discover some in-built abilities that you possess.

If you don’t know what you like, engage in several activities. It is a great way to find an interest that truly fascinates you.

Launch a new club:

If you have a particular interest and the school you attend does not have clubs that match your interests, you can apply to the school to begin your club immediately.

Starting your club will strengthen your college application and allow you to enjoy college better.

Search for external opportunities: 

You can make the most of your time in school by searching for external opportunities like NGOs and other clubs that accept high school volunteers.

If you love helping the needy, search for clubs that distribute free materials to the needy and register with them immediately.

Doing this will enhance your extracurricular record, improving your admission chances. It will also allow you to create an impact on society right from high school.

Engage in fun activities with your friends:

Always create time out to be with your friends. No matter how dedicated you are to your studies, spend at least one hour each day having fun with your friends.

From swimming to playing video games, there are several fun activities that you can engage in. Besides having so much fun, you will get to tighten your bond with your friend.

But, ensure that you only go out with your friends if you have covered your study target for the day.

Hang out in groups:

Always accept an invitation to a party if you have some free time in the evening.

However, during the party, watch what you drink and ensure that you have people around you, so don’t do something you will later come to regret.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Talk To Your Crush In High School

How do you start a conversation with your high school crush?

Conversational topics come and go rapidly, so it helps to be prepared with a few simple, open-ended questions to ask your crush. You can start by sharing what you know or what you’ve done, and then move on to soliciting feedback.

How do you act cute in school?

Cute girls are friendly and approachable, and they have the ability to put people at ease. For this reason, you should approach your other students with a kind disposition. Give a friend a compliment on their shirt, say hey to them in the corridors, or lend a hand to a fellow student.

How long can a crush last?

Limerence can also refer to the infatuation or crush phase of a relationship. The duration of a limerence stage might vary widely; nevertheless, it typically lasts anywhere from three months to three years.

Why does a girl’s face turn red?

Some people’s reaction to stress or shame is to flush or turn pink or scarlet in the cheeks. The sympathetic nervous system (a web of nerves that activates “fight or flight” mode) is responsible for the natural physical response of blushing.


As a high school student, talking to your crush may be difficult. However, this article contains several tips that can help you do that.

Moreover, high school is the best place to build yourself academically and socially.

So, you must engage in several social activities like parties, club activities, and hangouts if you have completed your study target for the day. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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