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Best English Universities In Turkey: Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

However, in recent years, many people have traveled to Turkey for other reasons, such as education.

This is not a development that is surprising in any way because a good number of schools in Turkey offer world-class education.

Some of these schools also participate in international student exchange programs, such as the Erasmus+ program.

On the other hand, though Turkey is not an English-speaking country, several Turkish universities and colleges deliver their academic programs in English.

This allows international students to adjust to the lifestyle obtainable in Turkey easily.

It also enables them to discover the country more effectively, even as students. This post will talk about the top English-speaking universities in Turkey.

Why Study In Turkey?

Over the years, thousands of Turkish colleges have developed tens of thousands of English-language course offerings.

In Turkey, you can pick between attending a college or university focusing on theoretical research or emphasizing hands-on experience in the field.

Turkey has the world’s second-highest percentage of high school completion (94.2%), and its university enrollment ranks fifth.

On the other hand, Turkey, as a member of the European Higher Education Area, is excellently putting into practice the principles of the European Process.

Your degree from a Turkish university will be recognized throughout Europe. Universities in Turkey are increasingly offering English-language instruction and language-learning opportunities.

Cities and popular tourist areas tend to have a high level of English proficiency. In Turkey, English is used as a medium of instruction for several undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

Foreign students who are not yet fluent in Turkish but would like to learn it will find this a great study-abroad location.

Turkey offers many attractions, and you may reach any of them swiftly and in style. For students, Turkey is a great place to study abroad.

A university’s social clubs, sports teams, and cultural activities unite people from different backgrounds.

Best English Universities In Turkey

1. Boaziçi University

Boaziçi University is one of the top English-speaking universities in Turkey.

This school offers numerous bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs through six faculties, two schools, and six institutes.

It is an academic institution that is renowned for offering world-class education.

The knowledge that is disseminated at Boaziçi University is capable of changing the world.

Moreover, Boaziçi University is also a popular school for research, with millions of dollars invested in numerous projects yearly.

This school is committed to educating people who can think creatively and critically.

Boaziçi University also grooms students who are not scared of becoming leaders in their respective fields of endeavor.

Furthermore, the accommodation facilities available at Boaziçi University are nice.

This academic institution has several top-class libraries that offer an excellent collection of books, journals, newspapers, e-books, and other academic resources.

There are also about 160 research labs in this school and over 30 research centers that allow students to complete ground-breaking research studies in any field they desire and learn from the professional researchers employed by the school.

Boaziçi University is one of the best English universities and a leading academic institution in Turkey.

2. Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University is one of the top English-speaking universities in Turkey. This school is located in Ankara, Turkey.

Middle East Technical University has continued to provide top-class education for 66 years.

This school offers numerous academic programs from undergraduate to doctoral degree levels. Moreover, Middle East Technical University embraces a two-semester-per-year educational format.

Middle East Technical University’s academic programs are delivered by globally recognized professors who are quite renowned for their exploits in their field.

It is a top choice for anyone studying at an English university in Turkey.

3. Koç University

Koç University is another top choice for anyone studying at an English-speaking university in Turkey.

This school offers bachelor’s and graduate degree programs that cross the fields of medicine, engineering, science, social sciences, and administrative sciences.

This school has developed to become one of the best universities in Turkey.

All the courses offered at Koç University are coordinated by seasoned faculty members who have taught at some of the best schools across Europe and Asia.

Moreover, Koç University invests lots of money into research every single year.

Their research projects cut across technology, social development, law, medicine, nursing, economics, and many others.

4. Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University is one of the leading English-speaking universities in Turkey.

It is an academic institution known all over Turkey for offering top-class educational experiences.

Istanbul Bilgi University is a leading private school in Turkey that has been at the top for 36 years.

This school runs at three different campuses in Turkey.

Moreover, Istanbul Bilgi University also offers associate degree programs.

This school is also a global research hub in Turkey, with some of the best research institutes and centers in the city. 

5. TOBB University of Economics and Technology

TOBB University of Economics and Technology is another top-ranking English school in Turkey.

This school was founded in 2003 and has quickly risen to become a dependable school in Turkey. However, to enroll at this school, every student must take a language proficiency test.

They must also enroll in an English preparation class. TOBB University of Economics and Technology offers numerous academic degree programs from undergraduate to graduate degree levels.

The courses cut across areas like law, architecture and design, science and literature, health sciences, and many others.

Study Tips For English Universities In Turkey

Here are some study tips to help you succeed at any school in English.

1. Always be present in class

Keeping a perfect attendance record as a student will serve you greatly.

Attending your classes is essential if you want to get to know your professors, take good notes during lectures, and have plenty of opportunities to ask them any questions that occur to you.

Moreover, in many schools, instructors give credit for class attendance, and test eligibility is contingent on student participation.

Make it a point to attend every lesson, so you don’t waste any points on absences.

2. Strike a balance between study and play

Maintain a healthy equilibrium between schoolwork and extracurricular activities if you care about your final grade.

Always prioritize reading over socializing; only go out when you’ve covered enough study material for the day.

3. Join a study group

Another study hack you should use during school is to study with other motivated students.

When you study in a group, you can get clarification from your peers on unclear concepts in class. Also, studying in a group can help you avoid laziness.

Moreover, it allows you to network with other students and share information that will ultimately benefit your academic performance.

4. Do everything you need to do to finish on time

Make sure you schedule enough time to finish your schoolwork before the due date.

Most schoolwork is weighted heavily toward your final score in a given topic, so turning it in late can be disastrous.

5. Build strong bonds with your educators

You need to establish positive relationships with your teachers to succeed in school.

Some teachers may even introduce you to a friend who works in the sector and may help you discover the perfect location for your internship.

6. Use mock exams

Successful test and exam preparation can be aided by taking practice tests.

So, as you prepare, take a moment to answer old exam or test questions to see where you stand in knowledge.

In addition, practicing with old exams is a great way to get used to the style of questions on an upcoming test so that you may prepare an effective strategy for tackling them.

7. Check out what’s written on the course outline

Always study only what’s on the syllabus. Time spent reading about things not covered in class is wasted.

Concentrate on the specific areas of the study suggested by your instructors rather than wasting time on material that will not appear on the exam.

This is very important.

8. Take advantage of the library’s resources

If you find that the resources you have aren’t enough, go to the library of your academic unit and ask for materials that your professors have said will help you the most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Top English Universities In Turkey

Can I study in Turkey for free?

A scholarship is required for an international student to study in Turkey for free.

Can I work while studying in Turkey?

While attending school, you will need to apply for and receive a work permit to work legally. Short-term, permanent, and self-employed work permits are all available from the General Directorate of International Labour.

Can you stay in Turkey after studying?

International students can apply for a temporary residency permit within 6 months of graduating from a Turkish higher education program. The permission is only good for one year and can only be renewed once it has expired. A diploma or temporary graduation certificate is required when applying for the license.

Can I go to Turkey without IELTS?

It is possible to study in Turkey without having to take the IELTS. The humanities, natural sciences, applied sciences, computing, architecture, business, management, development, and other important fields are all represented and readily accessible.


Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, this country is gradually becoming an attractive destination for education for foreigners.

This is because many schools in Turkey offer top-class education.

So, if you are not from Turkey and are interested in studying there, make good use of this article to pick a school that delivers its program in English.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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