How Much Do College Basketball Coaches Make? (Salary, FAQs)

How Much Do College Basketball Coaches Make? College basketball coaches are always in high demand all over the United States.

It is a job that is far more attractive than it seems.

As a college basketball coach, you are responsible for improving the abilities of the students under your care and building their confidence, which is necessary for basketball.

You can earn as much as $70,000 or as little as $15,000 yearly working as a college basketball coach.

Thus, this article will discuss a basketball coach’s role, responsibilities, and how to become a basketball coach.

Who Is A College Basketball Coach?

A college basketball coach is a person who directs a team of college basketball players on how to play basketball effectively.

These professionals teach students how basketball should be properly played, devise winning strategies for competitions, build the confidence of team members, and develop their skills.

To excel at this job, basketball coaches must possess excellent communication abilities, outstanding leadership capabilities, and a good understanding of basketball.

Moreover, in college settings, basketball coaches teach a course as well.

Responsibilities Of A College Basketball Coach

College basketball coaches perform the following duties:

  • Teach the team members how to play basketball efficiently and the game’s fundamental skills, rules, and tactics.
  • Organize and coordinate training sessions where information is passed to players.
  • Intensively train players that possess raw talents.
  • Create court strategies based on the player’s abilities and the caliber of the opposition.
  • Act as mentors and leaders of all coaching staff.
  • Takes note of the strengths and weaknesses of all players and explores ways to improve their strengths and lessen their weaknesses.
  • Select the line-ups for each game.
  • Take decisions on behalf of the team in the course of games.
  • Inspires teamwork and good sportsmanship among players.

What Are The Common Benefits Available To College Basketball Coaches?

Besides the salaries that college basketball coaches receive, they also enjoy the following incentives:

  • Health insurance
  • Gym membership
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Access to a wellness program
  • Paid housing
  • Professional development assistance
  • Health savings account
  • AD&D insurance.

How Much Do College Basketball Coaches Make?

ZipRecruiter estimates that a coach’s average compensation is $46,000. Moreover, several factors contribute to a wide range of compensation for basketball coaches.

The success of the squad, the size of the institution, and the coach’s level of expertise are all relevant variables.

Bill Self, one of the most well-known examples of an experienced coach at a major university, may rake in millions of dollars.

The school’s size heavily influences a college basketball coach’s remuneration.

Coaches at Division I schools (the largest in the NCAA) earn more than those at Division II schools (the middle level) or Division III schools (the smallest) (smallest size). 

On the other hand, there is still a compensation disparity between men’s and women’s coaches, but women’s coaches have seen pay raises over the previous decade.

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13 percent yearly increase in demand for college basketball coaches from 2018-2026.

How To Become A College Basketball Coach

Follow the steps below to become a professional basketball coach who can also work in college:

1. Acquire a high school diploma

To become a college basketball coach, you must possess a high school diploma.

However, possessing only a high school diploma will not enable you to teach a course at the university; your job will be limited to the court.

2. Acquire an undergraduate degree

Possessing a bachelor’s degree will put you in a pole position for a basketball coaching job offered by a college.

However, during your program, ensure that you take minors in sports training. On the other hand, you can major in areas like physical education, exercise science, or sports medicine.

Moreover, in the program, ensure that you are a member of your college basketball team to equip you with experience and boost your abilities.

Additionally, if you are given a leadership role on the team, embrace it with open arms.

It will help you when you become a coach in the future.

3. Take up extra courses

To become a college basketball coach, you must acquire more training that is even greater than your degree.

So, ensure you get the right certifications to help you get a job and learn more.

4. Play basketball

You cannot be a great basketball coach if you have not played basketball before.

Playing basketball will boost your love for the sport and enable you to stay fit so you can actively participate in training sessions with your team members once you get a job.

You can also use what you know and practice the skills you want your team members to learn when you play basketball.

5. Volunteer

Before you apply to work as a college basketball coach, volunteering as a basketball coach in your community or a secondary school will help you immensely.

It will give you experience and let you learn on the job before you move up to a harder job that takes more time.

6. Enroll in education-associated courses

You can be employed to work as a college basketball coach even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in education.

However, if you want to lecture at the college, sign up for and complete several education-associated courses.

These classes will teach you the skills you need to be a good teacher and give you the knowledge you need to work in an academic setting.

7. Obtain state certification

All states have rules that must be followed before one can practice as a college basketball coach.

So, ensure that you check with the Board of Education of the state where the college you want to work at is located to find out what is expected of you before you can teach or coach basketball there.

Before the state gives you a license, you may also have to get CPR and first aid certificates.

8. Work with experienced coaches

Once you have acquired your license, do not immediately apply for a college basketball coaching job without gathering experience under the mentorship of several experienced coaches.

This is important, especially if your state considers field experience before awarding a license.

Ensure that you learn a lot from any coach you serve under and acquire different insights on the job and the things they have been doing that have helped them excel.

Doing this will boost your knowledge and sharpen your college skills excellently.

9. Apply for jobs

Search online for vacant basketball coaching positions and apply for them immediately.

You can check job boards or go to local gyms or recreation centers to find out if any notices have been published there by colleges looking for coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How Much College Basketball Coaches Make

How is NCAA different from than NBA?

Compared to the roughly 200 teams in the NCAA, who play around 30 games every season, the NBA’s 82-game schedule seems excessive. Sponsorship in the NBA extends to individual players, but in the NCAA, it is limited to teams. These seemingly insignificant differences can have a major impact on the outcome of the game.

Who is the longest NCAA basketball coach?

Jim Boeheim

Who is the highest-paid college basketball coach?

Bill Self

Who is the best-rated basketball player?

Michael Jordan


Basketball coaching is a fun endeavor that is quite rewarding.

In the United States, you can make as much as $70,000 or as little as $15,000 every year working as a college basketball coach.

Moreover, besides the salary, most colleges offer several incentives to their basketball coaches.

However, to excel at your job, always have a good demeanor, teach your players how to lead, hold them responsible when they don’t do well, and commend them when they perform excellently.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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