79+ General Knowledge Questions For College Students

General Knowledge Questions For College Students: One of the most amazing things to do when hanging out with friends or colleagues is to answer general knowledge questions.

However, to do well in such games, you need to know how general knowledge questions are asked and the answers to expect.

So this post is recommended if you are only looking to answer general knowledge questions when hanging out with your friends or preparing for a scholarship.

It provides up to 80 remarkable general knowledge questions and answers.

General Knowledge Questions For College Students

1. Where is the cruciate ligament located in the human body?  Knee
2. Which element is denoted by the chemical symbol Cl in the periodic table?Chlorine
  3. Where is the city of Nashville located in the US?Tennessee
  4. Denmark uses which currency?Danish Krone
5. What is the name of the clay-court grand slam?The French Open
  6. What is the biggest planet in the solar system?Mercury
  7. What was the name of the Japanese head of state during World War II?Emperor Hirohito
  8. Which football club plays its home games at Stamford Bridge?Chelsea Football Club  
9. What is the name of the oldest city on the globe?Damascus, Syria
  10. It takes the earth how many days to revolve around the sun?365 days    
11. What was Istanbul known as before 1930?Constantinople
12. How many human players make up a football team?11
13. What is the name for an angle less than 90 degrees?Acute angle
14. What is the capital of Russia?Moscow
15. The Killers band originated from which city in America?Las Vegas
16. A dog has how many permanent teeth?1
17. Tempus is a Latin word that means what in English?Time
18. Dua Lipa’s 2020 album is popularly known as?Future Nostalgia
19. The Beatles disbanded in what year?1970
20. Madonna was born in which year?1958
21. What is the largest country in the world?Russia
22. Name the five colors of the Olympic rings.Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and Red
23. The British Grand Prix is held at which location?Silverstone
24. Every team in a polo match has how many horses?Four
25. Who won the English Premier League in 2021?Manchester City
26. Who was the host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?South Africa
27. Who was the winner of the 2021 African Cup of Nations?Senegal
28. Who won the 2021 UEFA Champions League?Chelsea Football Club
29. Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?Augusta National Golf Club
30. Which country hosted the 2018 World Cup?Russia

General Knowledge Questions For College Students

31. Big Brother first aired on Channel 4 in what year?2000
32. What is the name of the first host of The X Factor in the UK?Kate Thornton
33. Gillian Anderson starred as a therapist in which Netflix series?Sex Education
34. A football team is made up of how many players?11
35. EastEnders first aired on BBC One in which year?1985
36. The International Criminal Court is situated in which city?The Hague, the Netherlands
37. Who first played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films?Richard Harris
38.   Who composed the soundtracks in The Lion King, Inception, and Pirates of the Caribbean?Hanz Zimmer
39.  Winston Churchill was a prisoner of war during which war?The Boer war
40. What is the most popular soft drink in Scotland?Irn-Bru
41. A screwdriver cocktail comprises ice, orange juice, and which spirit?Vodka
42. Nando’s has how many spices?6
43. The capital of China is…Beijing
44. What is the name of Prince William’s wife?Kate Middleton
45. A regular Big Mac has how many calories?550
46. What is the population of the earth as of November 2022?8 billion
47. Which Italian city did pizza originate from?Naples
48. What does “pret a manger” mean in English?Ready to eat
49. Checkers were invited to which country?Egypt
50. Winston Churchill was a prisoner of war during which war?The Boer war
51. Who wrote the book called “Gremlins”?Roald Dahl
52. What is the capital city of Nigeria?Abuja
53. What is the capital of Spain?Madrid
54. Vietnam uses which currency?Vietnamese dong
55. The UN security council has how many members?Five: China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US
56. What number of notes makes up a musical scale?Seven
57. Water boils at what temperature?100 degree Celsius
58. What is the tallest mountain in the world?Mount Everest
59. What are the colors of most buses in London?Red
60. The female reproductive organ in flower is called?Pistil

General Knowledge Questions For College Students

61. The solar system is made up of how many planets?Eight
62. What is the name of the tallest animal?Giraffe
63. What were tomatoes originally known as?Love apple
64. DC means what in the field of electricity?Direct Current
65. What is the name of the largest island on the globe?Greenland
66. Mbappe plays which sport?Football
67. The piano has how many keys?88
68. Which club has the highest number of UEFA Champions League titles?Real Madrid
69. What is an individual that studies weather known as?Meteorologist
70. Who is famously known for the “Hand of God” goal at the World Cup?Diego Maradona
71. What is the most common atmospheric gas?Nitrogen
72. What is the best-selling novel of all time?Don Quixote
73. What is a baby kangaroo known as?Joey
74. Which planet has the highest number of moons?Saturn
75. An octopus has how many hearts?Three
76. Who is the CEO of Tesla?Elon Musk
77. Which operating system is used by Google Pixel?Android
78. Kanye West divorced Kim Kardashian in which year?2022
79. Which 2021 Netflix series had the highest number of streams?Squid Game (1.65 billion hours)
80. What is the name of the longest-serving monarch in UK history?Queen Elizabeth II

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on General Knowledge Questions For College Students

Who is called a “College student”?

A student who is not a graduate student at a college/university is considered an undergraduate at that institution. It’s possible to enter college just after finishing high school. A university or college undergraduate is a student who has completed high school and been accepted to attend an institution of higher education but has not yet earned a degree.

What is a current college student?

The phrase “present student” refers to anyone enrolled at the University for the current academic session.

What age is considered a college student?

In the United States of America, a university is not the same as a high school. Students at least 17 or 18 can enroll in college-level coursework beginning in their 13th year of high school. An associate’s degree and certificates are available at a community or technical college. A bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete at a university.

What is the person over a college called?

Dean is a title used in academic settings like colleges and universities to describe a person with a lot of power over a certain academic unit, area of concern, or both.


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