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Christianity is a religion with a lot of “Christianity questions that cannot be answered”. Religion requires a belief in things we have no idea of its existence and reason(Faith).

However, while many people believe in Christianity, without a doubt, others might question this belief.

One of the main reasons people leave other religions is because people fear what they do not understand hence leading to a situation where several questions are left unanswered.

We would look at 71+ questions that Christians have that cannot answer.

Christianity Questions That Cannot Be Answered:

  1. Why did God punish the entire Egyptian soldiers for the refusal of their King? Some individuals over the years have wondered why God decided to do that. However, no one can really provide a good answer.
  2. Why is God meant in the old testament?
  3. If God possesses two wills, why is double-mindedness condemned by the Bible?
  4. If God loves us why is there a need for hellfire?
  5. Is God partial?
  6. Who created God?
  7. Can God end himself?
  8. Why can’t God show us Himself?
  9. Why do we suffer if we have God?
  10. Is God a male or female?

Christianity Questions That Cannot Be Answered:

  1. Why will God allow people to be born with defects?
  2. Why can’t dead sinners’ sins be forgiven?
  3. Is God a tyrant for wanting everyone to worship Him alone?
  4. Since God knows all and sees all, why did he allow Eve to be deceived?
  5. Since God is merciful why can’t we all just go to heaven?
  6.  If doing evil for evil is wrong, should God be punishing us for our sins?                                        
  7. If God loves only those who love him, does that make him a sinner?         
  8. Why do daily atrocities exist?
  9. How did Noah get all the various species of living organisms into the ark?
  10. Why does the Bible give the earth to be only about 6000yrs while scientific research has found objects to be millions of years older?
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Questions about the bible that cannot be answered:

  1. As Jesus went to hell and paid for our sins, why then do we need to go to pay for our sins again?
  2. Was Jesus’ sacrifice too little to pay for our sin that we have to pay it two times over?
  3. In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, why did God tell them not to look back?
  4. Why did God turn lot’s wife into a pillar of salt if he is all-merciful?
  5. What is the importance of hell?
  6. Why do we need to stay in hell forever as sinners?
  7. Is hell a correctional facility?
  8. Why did God test Abraham’s faith since he knows our hearts?
  9. Why did God use Abraham’s only son to test him?
  10. How do we feel the pain of hell? Since our brain cells are dead we shouldn’t feel pain.

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Christianity Questions That Cannot Be Answered:

  1. Why did God create angels that had the capacity to defy him?
  2. Why is there so much divorce in Christian marriages? Since it was put in God’s hand, it should not be harmed.
  3. If Jesus is God, why did he beg himself at Gethsemane?
  4. Are wealthy Christians condemned already? Since the Bible says it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle eye than for a rich man to enter heaven.
  5. If everything God created is perfect, why does he need to use heaven as an incentive for us to believe in him?
  6. Since we have carnal reasoning, why did God say “come now and let us reason together?”
  7. Is God of one mind since even the Bible says he has two wills?
  8. Can our good actions make us live forever?
  9. Will infants who die at birth make heaven?
  10. Isn’t it true that the devil and all of his works will be destroyed?
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Questions about Christianity without answers:

  1. Why did God create the tree of knowledge that made the man fall?
  2. Why did the old lady that God healed this week need her walker to get around again the following week?
  3. How did Elijah and Enoch go to heaven without dying?
  4. How are Elijah and Enoch surviving in heaven with their flesh?
  5. Of what use is free will if the intention is for us to not use it?
  6. What does Jesus look like?
  7. Jesus once said, “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” Does this mean that Jesus wants Christians to kill off non-believers?
  8. Since Children are born pure, killing them or doing an abortion will send them straight to God; isn’t that winning souls for Christ?
  9. Since God is holy, why are most evils conducted in his name?

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Christianity Questions That Cannot Be Answered:

  1. How can we be happy in heaven knowing our family members might be burning in hell?
  2. How did humans multiply in the beginning?
  3. Apart from Adam and Eve who else did God create?
  4. Did humans multiply through incest which God condemns?
  5. Why didn’t God give Abraham and Sarah a child at their young age?
  6. When did Joseph, the father of Jesus die?
  7. Did Mary, mother of Jesus die?
  8. Is Christ, in any sense, the savior of the unbelievers?
  9. If Adam was created immortal, could he ever have died?
  10. How did Mary conceive of the holy spirit?
  11. Can you give evidence of any miracle performed by God?
  12. Should sinners say the”our father” since God is not a father of sinners?
  13. Can God’s goodness change to hatred?
  14. Where did God come from?
  15. Did God have any siblings, mom, or dad?
  16. If punishing us for our sins is right, not punishing us should be wrong?
  17. Is Jesus really God?
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Frequently Asked Questions on the Christianity Questions That Cannot Be Answered:

What are the unanswered questions in the Bible?

Was Jesus married?
Did Jesus walk on water?
When did Jesus die?
Was Jesus buried in the Shroud of Turin?

Who Wrote the Bible?

Until recently, the only person who could have written the book was Moses, the Hebrew prophet best known for his role in leading the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt and across the Red Sea to the Promised Land.

Can you believe in God but not attend church?

According to recent research commissioned by the Church of Scotland, the majority of people who quit attending church services still believe in God. According to the national church of Scotland, many people who used to go to church are now finding new ways to demonstrate their religion.

What are the five big questions of religion?

– Do religious experiences prove that there is a god?
– Do miracles exist?
– Do they prove there is a god?
– How can there be a god if there is so much evil in the world?


There are a series of questions that you may not be able to answer as a Christian. This is why the Christian faith entails Faith; it simply means believing in things you do not see but have been told.

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