74+ Questions On General Knowledge For High School Students

Questions On General Knowledge For High School Students: Any competitive exam requires you to know a lot of different things.

If you are applying to colleges in certain countries or taking a scholarship exam, you will most likely come across the general knowledge section.

Although it is impossible to know everything, having a good knowledge of several possible general knowledge questions and answers before that time will enable you to excel in that exam or test.

This article will provide some amazing general knowledge questions and answers.

General Knowledge For High School Students

1. What is the name of the shortest building in the world?Newby–McMahon Building
2. What angle measures less than 90 degrees?Acute angle
3. What is the basic unit of life?Cell
  4. A group of wolves is called?A pack
5. A fan moves in which direction?The anti-clockwise direction
  6. What is the name of the elder son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana?Prince William
  7. What is the name of a 90-degree angle?Right angle
  8. Where is the headquarters of IT behemoth Microsoft?Redmond, Washington  
9. What is the name of the oldest city on the globe?Damascus, Syria
  10. It takes the earth how many days to revolve around the sun?365 days    
11. What is the name of the highest point on Earth?Mount Everest
12. What is the name of the earth’s deepest point?Marina Trench
13. What is the name for an angle less than 90 degrees?Acute angle
14. Australia has how many states?6
15. What is the name of the tallest mountain in Africa?Mount Kilimanjaro
16. Australia is the world’s largest explorer of which product?Coal
17. Which type of mosquito causes malaria?Female Anopheles
18. The “State of Liberty” is a gift given to the United States by which country?France
19. Which player has won the highest number of Ballon d’Or titles?Lionel Messi
20. Elon Musk, the current richest man in the world as of November 2022, is originally from which country?South Africa
21. What is the largest country in the world?Russia
22. What is the name of the museum in Paris that is one of the world’s largest art museums?The Louvre
23. Words that have the same or similar meanings are called?Synonyms
24. Words that are exactly contrary in meaning are known as?Antonyms
25. Who won Euro 2012?Spain
26. Who was the host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?Russia
27. Who was the winner of the 2021 African Cup of Nations?Senegal
28. What is the name of the fastest animal in the world?Cheetah
29. What is the name of the biggest mammal in the world?The Blue Whale
30. Numbers whose only positive factors are only 1 and itself are called?Prime numbers

General Knowledge For High School Students

31. Golf originated in which country?Scotland
32. A circle has how many degrees?360 degrees
33. What is the name of the artist that painted the Mona Lisa?Leonardo da Vinci
34. A hockey team is made up of how many players?Six
35. Novak Djokovic, the serial tennis champion, comes from which country?Serbia
36. The International Criminal Court is situated in which city?The Hague, the Netherlands
37. What does OPEC stand for?Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
38.   Abu, in the Disney movie Aladdin, is which animal?Monkey
39.   What is the chemical formula for common salt?NaCl
40.   Which country won the 2010 World Cup?Spain
41. Which artist is popularly known as the “King of Pop”?Michael Jackson
42. What is the name of the Greek God of Music?Apollo
43. What is the capital of England?London
44. What is the name of Prince Harry’s wife?Meghan Markle
45. The leap year occurs as a result of which month?February
46. What is the population of the earth as of November 2022?8 billion
47. The sixth of February every year is a national holiday in Jamaica. In honor of whom?Bob Marley
48. The US Grammy Awards were launched in what year?1959
49. Checkers were invited to which country?Egypt
50. Winston Churchill was a prisoner of war during which war?The Boer war
51. Who wrote the book called “Gremlins”?Roald Dahl
52. Who is the author of the popular book “Pride and Prejudice”?Jane Austen
53. What is the name of the tallest building in the world?Dubai, Burj Khalifa
54. What is the name of the largest landlocked country in the world?Kazakhstan
55. What is the name of the oldest republic on the globe?San Marino
56. Celine Dion, the renowned musician, hails from which country?Canada
57. The Taurus Mountains are located in which country?Turkey
58. What is the name of the busiest airport in the world?Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
59. What is the name of the cereal that grows only in water?Rice
60. The female reproductive part in a flower is called?Pistil

General Knowledge For High School Students

61. What is Lancashire well-known for?Red roses
62. Flowers manufacture a substance to attract insects called?Nectar
63. What were tomatoes originally known as?Love apple
64. DC means what in the field of electricity?Direct Current
65. What is the name of the largest island on the globe?Greenland
66. Lionel Messi plays which sport?Football
67. What is the name of the national stadium of the England men’s national team?Wembley
68. Which club has the highest number of UEFA Champions League titles?Real Madrid
69. What is an individual that studies weather known as?Meteorologist
70. What is the name of the shallowest ocean in the world?Arctic Ocean
71. What is the most common atmospheric gas?Nitrogen
72. The Eiffel Tower was launched in which year?1889
73. What is a baby kangaroo known as?Joey
74. How many players make up a football team?11
75. Who was the winner of Euro 2016?Portugal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Questions On General Knowledge For High School Students

Is it good to study at night?

Studying late at night has many benefits, the most notable of which is the lack of distractions. People tend to be more calm, quiet, and more introspective at night. Some people thrive in that setting because it helps them get in the appropriate frame of mind to learn.

Why do I forget after studying?

Your brain may have trouble connecting when learning something new, and something you already know is similar. Forgetting may occur, for example, because the neural circuitry connected to forgotten memories is rewired, making the memories less accessible and retrievable down the line.

Is it better to study with or without music?

Some studies have suggested that listening to music while schoolwork can help with concentration, memory, and other cognitive processes. Though it’s possible that this varies with the listener and the music.

Is studying better than sleeping?

Better sleep improves students’ academic performance, memory, disposition, and health. Many schoolchildren forego sleep in favor of studying the night before a test. But studies have found the exact opposite to be true.


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