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You are almost done with high school, and you want to further your education, so you are looking for one good university to apply to. Awesome one, Stanford University is a very good choice.

Stanford University is one of the best universities, and most high school graduates apply to it. They have been in operation for almost 135 years. If you are applying to Stanford, then you must be one extraordinary student with amazing results. I congratulate you on that.

Stanford is a very high-ranking university that accepts 5% of their applicants because they receive so many applications from students and have decided to stop posting their acceptance rate to not discourage prospective students from applying.

What you need to apply to Stanford:

Apart from the question, “How to get into Stanford”, one other question most students ask is the major “requirements for application into Stanford”. The requirements include:

ACT or SAT result:

You need your ACT or SAT result; a high score will give you a higher advantage. ACT stands for American College Testing while SAT stands for Standardized Aptitude Test.

These tests are usually written manually and is being overseen by the College Board. Students have been writing this exam for a long while, and it has become a requirement for those who want to attend one college or another.

Recommendation Letters:

A Recommendation Letter is a letter from someone superior who maybe your academic advisor stating that you have good behaviour and can vouch for you if anything comes up.

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The letter should contain an attestation of high academic performance by the writer. On the other hand, you need at least two letters of recommendation from your teachers and a letter of recommendation from your counsellor.


transcript is gotten mostly in high schools or colleges. It is a document that includes all your accomplishments and results, whether in high school or college. Also, meaning “academic record” or “High school record” or even “College record”. It would help if you got your mid-school transcripts.

Ways to apply to Stanford:

  • Your child can apply using the common application or the coalition application.
  • It would help if you had a three-year coursework of English, Maths, Science, Social Science or history and a foreign language.

Now, Stanford accepts students with an amazing application and profile. You don’t expect them to check your background or run some investigations on you to know how good you are.

So everything you want them to know ought to be in your application. Like your intellectual strength, your purpose, hobbies, etc.

The challenges you encountered and how you overcame them should also be included. They are interested in students with a positive impact on the community, leadership qualities, behaviour, character, and what you are good at.

How To Apply into Stanford

Students can decide how they want to apply, either restrictive early action or the regular decision.

If you are using the restrictive early action, you must submit your materials before Ist November. If you want to go with the regular decision then by 2nd Jan you must have submitted all your documents.

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Most students who apply during the restrictive early action have a higher chance of getting accepted into the university than those who apply late because they are seen as ready and more enthusiastic, so they apply early hence they are accepted.

Final tips:

Stanford University is one of the leading universities and is one of the universities to apply to. It is a private research school located in Stanford, California that boosts every student’s major academic strength.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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