Curiousity or Curiosity – Which is Correct?2 min read

My teacher in high school will always say, “there is no assumption in the English language”, this is because of words like “Curiousity and Curious”.

These words show that every English word needs to accurately checked before usage especially when a root word is transformed into another word.

The word “Curiosity” is from the root word “Curious” but a lot of confusion has been on “Curiousity” since the root word is also Curious.

I guess you noticed it too, but in this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the reason behind the word.

Curiousity or Curiosity

Curiosity definition:

The word “Curiosity” is from the word “Curious”. It means “the will to learn and know more”. It could also mean “the desire to know more about something that arouses your interest or you find interesting”. Curiousity as the name implies is the state of being curious.


  • They said, “Curiosity murdered the cat but satisfaction regained its life”.
  • The movie trailer drove my curiosity to its highest level.
  • The only thing that can create more curiosity in the game is that tiny door.

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Curiousity or Curiosity

Meaning of Curiousity:

This is often a misspelling of Curiosity. According to, about 27.95% of users misspell this word because the root word is “Curious” and so following the regular pattern of adding “ity”, it should be “Curiousity” .

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  • I never knew “curiousity” was incorrect until I saw the word “curiosity“.
  • I need to find out how curiousity is the wrong spelling of the ideal word.

More tips:

In French, it is spelled as Curiouswhile in Latin is Curios. Since the syllable before the last three words “ity” is stressed, “curiosity” was chosen to be the ideal spelling, defining the Latin origin in both languages.

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Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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