Gaurd or Guard – Which is Correct? (FAQs)

Looking at the two words “Gaurd and Guard,” you will find out that the only difference between them is in the placement of the “u” and “a,” which is often misplaced by most writers.

These two words are often misplaced from each other because of their similarity in spelling and pronunciation. Gaurd is the incorrect spelling of the word while Guard is the ideal word.

I will explain these words as you read through this article and help you understand their differences.

Gaurd or Guard

Meaning of Gaurd:

This word comes from misplacing the “a” and “u”. It is often a misspelling of “Guard” because it has the same pronunciation and spelling.


  • The gaurd you placed at the gate is committed to his job. (incorrect)
  • The only gaurd you can place with my son is that pretty lady over there. (incorrect)
  • Gaurd your mind with all thy might. (incorrect)

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Gaurd or Guard

Meaning of Guard:

This word has several meanings; here are some of the meanings:

  • In the game of basketball, a guard is a position in the team.
  • In the military field, he/she is the city’s protector.
  • A watch over a person or a group of people.
  • To guard yourself, you have to protect yourself from danger and take the necessary precautions.
  • A guard could be a device to prevent hurt or danger.


  • The TV guard you asked me to buy is more than $20.
  • Call the guards before the guy escapes.
  • Can I get a guard to avoid being pushed?

FAQs on “Gaurd” vs. “Guard”

Which is the correct spelling: “gaurd” or “guard”?

The correct spelling is “guard.” “Gaurd” is a misspelling.

What does “guard” mean?

“Guard” can refer to a person who protects or watches over something, or it can be a verb meaning to protect, watch over, or shield.

Why do people sometimes confuse “gaurd” with “guard”?

English spelling can be challenging, and sometimes, the sequence of letters, especially when two vowels are near each other, can lead to common mistakes like this.

How can I remember the correct spelling of “guard”?

Think of the “u” as shielding or guarding the “a” – so “guard” has the “u” before the “a.”

Final tips:

The best way to identify the difference between these two words is to use the mnemonic of “You are” to signify the “u” before the “a” indicating “Guard.”

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