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Like I will always say, “No one is above making mistakes in the English language”, this is because some words seem correct to you in some context but are actually incorrect. One of the two words like this is, “Ammount and Amount”.

These words are often confused because they are almost similar in spelling and sounds the same.

As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these two words and help you understand the best way to differentiate them.

Ammount vs Amount

Meaning of Ammount:

This is more often a misspelling or an incorrect way of spelling “Amount”.

It is as a result of adding an extra “m” to “Amount” resulting in confusing it with the ideal word. This word doesn’t exist in the English dictionary, meaning that it shouldn’t be used.


  • The ammount that I want is not up to $500. (incorrect)
  • The ammount of money I carry depends on my shopping list. (incorrect)
  • The whole thing will ammount to loss of lives and properties. (incorrect)

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Ammount vs Amount

Meaning of Amount:

This is the ideal spelling of the word. Amount has a lot of meanings:

  • The ideal number of elements in a dataset.
  • The quantity attached to something.
  • To rise up or increase to.
  • To equate.


  • Ammount is the wrong way of signifying quantity.
  • Finally, the whole scenario never amounted to something bad.
  • What’s the last amount for the snickers?
  • Check out this set and tell me the amount of elements in it.
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Ammount vs Amount

It is very easy to misplace one for the other because of their similarity in spelling. One of the best ways to remember this word is to study and have it at the back of your mind that “Amount” is the ideal word while the other is a misspelling that you should avoid at all cost.

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