Due to or Do to – Which is Correct?

Due to or Do to

Homophones (words that sound alike) can at times make you wonder the right word or phrase to use in a sentence because of the way the word sounds. In the context of “due to or do to”, you might not really notice the difference while speaking, but more often than not, you will notice confusion when trying to write it out.

“Due” as the case may be can be an adjective or a noun depending on the context of usage while “do” is always an auxiliary verb in interrogative sentences. As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these two words and the best way to use them in a sentence.

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Due to or Do to

Meaning of Due to:

Just like I mentioned at the beginning, “due to” is used to attribute something to the subject of the sentence.

Example: The building collapsed due to lack of strong pillars to hold the foundation.

Explanation: “Due to” in the sentence presents the reason for the fall of the building.

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More examples:

  • The wire was interchanged due to the requirement of the professor to use a copper wire instead of an aluminum wire.
  • When the time is due, I will let you know.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the meeting has canceled and the new date will be communicated to you.
  • I changed the radio due to the high cost of steel batteries to power it.

Due to or Do to

Meaning of Do to:

“Do to” is used most times as a misspelling of “Due to”. In trying to show the reason behind an action that took place, it’s easy to make the misspelling of one for the other because no one is above mistakes in the English Language, so always have it in mind that in using either Due to or Do to, that “Do to” is a misspelling of the other word.


  • The man’s decision to park his car there was do to the instruction of Mr. John. (incorrect)
  • Do to the negligence to check your mail, you missed the award ceremony. (Incorrect)

Now you have seen the major difference in the two words and know that one is correct while the other is incorrect.

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