Amoung vs Among – What’s the difference?2 min read

The saying that “there is no assumption in the English language” applys more when comparing “Amoung and Amoung.” This is because these words are similar in spelling and pronunciation.

Even as I write this article, my laptop’s autocorrect underlines “Amoung,” stating that it is an incorrect word. Thus, this article will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Amoung vs Among

Meaning of Amoung:

Amoung is the obsolete or incorrect way of spelling the ideal word “Among.” It comes as a result of adding “u” between “o” and “n” because of the way the word is pronounced.

On the other hand, “Amoung” is a song named Massi ISX Rulers, that is available on Amazon Music released on April 3, 2017.


  • Amoung all your friends, who is the smartest? (incorrect)
  • Have you listened to “Amoung” by Massi ISX, Rulers?
  • The red book is amoung the books I bought today. (Incorrect)

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Amoung vs Among

Meaning of Among:

Among means “being a member of” or it describes the integration or interaction with a set.

For instance, if you are among the founders of a product, it means you are part of the brain behind the product and have a say in the development of that product.


  • Put this book among the folder titled “Freshmen”.
  • Dogs are among the animals I fear the most.
  • Those flowers are among the gifts I received on my birthday last week.
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Amoung vs Among


The two words “Amoung” and “Among” are similar in spelling and pronunciation.

The best way to know the difference is to commit it to memory, having in mind that “Amoung” is the incorrect word while “Among” is the correct word.

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