Among vs Amongst – What’s the difference?

Among vs Amongst

Among vs Amongst is confused, just like between and betwixt. Most people do not know how they are used, and this often leads to arguments.

Argue no more because you will no longer be confused as the matter will be treated here and now.

Reason for most confusions:

Most people don’t know:

  • If they are variants.
  • When they are used.
  • How they are used.
  • What their functions are.
  • If they have a similar meaning.
  • Which is more appropriate to use.


  • They are both prepositions.
  • Always used to refer to more than two.
  • They both refer to the “midst” of something, in the company of, etc.
  • They can be used interchangeably. So you either use among or amongst depending on you or the writer.

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Among vs Amongst


This is more commonly used as it was being used way before the variant amongst was brought into existence. The word “Among” means “being a member or associated with a group”. It could also mean “having a relation” with someone.


  • Nelson is among the disqualified managers of the organization.
  • I am not among the kids born into that family.
  • I refuse to be among them; born with a silver spoon and still turned out to be useless.
  • We have a scarce species of beast among the animals in the zoo.
  • I am not among them.

Among vs Amongst


This word is not used rampantly unlike the other, because it is seen as old-fashioned American English. It is usually used in poems and perhaps figures of speech. Amongst is better used at the beginning of a sentence but can appear amidst sentences too.


  • Amongst the intelligent children, there is one gifted with the spirit of excellence.
  • Amongst the disciples of Jesus, John was the most beloved of all.
  • I have checked amongst my friends, and none is worthy of my trust.
  • Amongst a company of friends, there is always a Judas.
  • They decided that amongst everything they want to sell, they won’t sell this house.

Among vs Amongst

Just like these two words can be used interchangeably, it’s advisable to use “among,” which is considered in vogue in the English Dictionary.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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