License vs Licence – Which is Correct?

License vs Licence

Like “Centre vs Centre,” two other words that have discrepancies based on British English and American English are “License vs Licence.” These words are both correct; the only issue is in the region of usage.


One thing I want you to understand about the English language is that no one is a master of all, there are times that you have to check the dictionary to confirm the exact spelling or meaning of a word before using it.

So don’t feel bad if you find it difficult to differentiate the two. In this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand how to use them with respect to the right context.

License vs Licence

License meaning:

These two words “License or Licence” are derived from the Latin word “licentia‘’ meaning freedom.

In the United States, License with “s” before the “e” is chosen to be the correct pattern of spelling. It is a noun and also a verb.

As a verb, it means to grant permission to someone after a particular qualification has been met. On the other hand, as a noun, it means a permit.


  • I got my driver’s license today without stress. (As a noun)
  • The first question the judge asked him was, “Are you licensed to drive a car”? (As a verb)
  • Being a US citizen, how long does your driver’s license last before it expires? (As a noun)

License vs Licence

Licence meaning:

It is recognized as the correct pattern in any other English speaking country that is not the United States. On the other hand, in the UK,  you are allowed to use “licence” for the noun, but use “license” when illustrating a verb.


  • Do you have the licence to use a gun around the city?
  • He was licensed to speak because of his uniqueness and the impeccable character which he portrays.

License vs Licence – How to remember:

License – used in the United States as a verb and as a noun. It also serves as a verb in the UK and other English speaking countries.

Licence – used in the Uk as a noun only.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “License vs Licence” answered your question.

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