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Sometimes rules change when it comes to the way some words transform from singular to plural. In “Journies” and “Journeys,” these two words are similar in spelling and pronunciation of which one is correct while the other is incorrect.

The reason for the confusion between these words is the question, “What is the plural of Journey?” and answers like “Journeys” and “Journies” come out.

This article will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Journies or Journeys

Meaning of Journies:

In the English language rule, when a word ends with “y” or a vowel, we add “s” to the word to pluralize it. For instance, “movie,” ending with “e,” when forming the plural form, we have “movies.”

But when the word ends with a consonant before the “y,” it turns to “ies” in forming the plural.

Thus in the context of “Journey,” since there is no consonant before the final “y,” the plural becomes “Journeys” instead of “Journies.”

You can also wonder why “pony” becomes “ponies” in the plural form and “hobby” becomes “hobbies.” This explains the uniqueness of the English language, and some words having their unique way of transition from singular to plural.


  • All the journies I will embark on this week are within the United states. (incorrect)
  • Can you count the number of journies I will embark on this semester?

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Journies or Journeys

Meaning of Journeys:

“Journeys” is the ideal way to form the plural of “Journey.” To some extent, it might seem irregular because it doesn’t follow the rule of conversion from singular to plural, but it is the correct word.

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On the other hand, a journey is a process of transition. It can also mean a movement or a progression that leads to development.


  • The journeys to greatness of these great men are big lessons to me.
  • The number of journeys they will embark on are nothing to write home about.

Final tips:

From my research and the final decisions of grammarians, a large percentage see “journeys” as the plural while a small percentage still follow the normal rule of “y” to “ies” in the English language to form “Journies.”

However, it is best to follow the final decision of grammarians.

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