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The moment I typed “Consistant” into the heading of this article, my laptop’s autocorrect automatically underlined the word stating that it is incorrect.

Consistant” and “Consistent” are two words that are misplaced for each other because of their similarity in spelling and pronunciation.

If you look closely at these words, you will notice that the only difference between them is the incorrect placement of “a” between “t” and “n” instead of an “e.”

This article will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Consistant or Consistent

Meaning of Consistant:

This is the incorrect way of spelling the ideal word “consistent.” However, suppose you also look closely at the two comparisons, you will notice that there exist a common word “consist.”

The addition of “ant” instead of “ent” automatically makes the word incorrect.

Most Google results on “Consistent” are automatic redirections from “Consistant.”


  • How consistant can you be when it comes to article writing. (incorrect)
  • Consistancy pays when you apply it in the right direction. (incorrect)
  • If you are consistent with this work, it will pay off. (incorrect)

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Consistant or Consistent

Meaning of Consistent:

Consistent is an adjective that has the following meanings:

  • Showing firmness and orderliness.
  • Being steady and even.
  • Following a regular pattern continuously.
  • Having a common solution or direction.

The phonological transcription is /kənˈsɪstənt/. Some of the antonyms include dishonest, inconsistent, irregular, unfitting. At the same time, the synonyms include dependable, rational, even, etc.

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  • He is very consistent when it comes to building a contact list.
  • The consistent growth of this company is beyond my expectation.
  • He shows a consistent effort towards his job.

Final tips:

“Consistent” and “Consistant” can be confusing, so the best way to identify the correct word is to have it at the back of your mind that the first word is correct while the second word is incorrect.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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