Judgement or Judgment (Which is correct?)

Just “grateful vs greatful“, there are lots of English words that require intense confirmation before you use them. Some of these words include “judgement or judgment” that seem very similar and easy to make mistake in writing.

More distinctions between these words come with respect to some countries like the US where “Judgment” is correct and in the UK where “Judgement” accepted.

One thing I want you to understand about the English language is that no one is a master of all, there are times that you have to check the dictionary to confirm the exact spelling or meaning of a word before using it.

What is Judgement?

Judgement is the act of making a decision on an incident. It can be done by a judge or someone of high authority in the state. It is a noun that is acceptable in British English but not in American English.


  • I’m not worried about what his final judgement will be on the case.
  • Judgement when it comes to the legal field is done by a reputable Judge.
  • I’m not going to sue him to court, it will attract judgement from the masses.
  • The religious people say that judgement and vengeance comes from above.

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What is Judgment?

Judgement or Judgment have the same meaning. In American English, it is more legally acceptable.


  • The statue of liberty is a sign of goodwill of judgment.
  • The judgment of the judge over child abuse is sometimes a terror in the US.
  • What more can I say, let the judge give the final judgment because I’m already tired of the case.

Judgement or Judgment: What’s the Diff

Just like there is a discrepancy in countries when it comes to the spelling of the two words, looking at it thoroughly, you will find out that it’s easier to spell it as Judgement rather than Judgment.

This is because, the two mini words “Judge” and “ment” that made up the major word easily form “Judgement” rather than “Judgment” without the “e”.

An easier way to remember is the “E” in the “Judgement” signifying England that speaks British English. But the best way to know these words is to learn and master each of them.

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Idioms associated with it:

  • to pass judgment: to make the final say on an issue or outcome.
  • a judgment call: a subjective decision


  • Lecturers in the United States must exercise orderly _________when they want to discipline the students that came late to school.
  • The lecturer told me that the final __________ of the director doesn’t matter; although I doubted what he said.
  • Even if____________ and vengenece is for the Lord, Pls make a move. (In the UK)


  • Judgment
  • Judgment
  • Judgement

Awesome one, I hope this article on “judgement or judgment” answered your question.

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