Flys or Flies

Flys or Flies (Have you encountered this error?)3 min read

Just like grateful vs greatful, there are other homophones (words that sound alike) that make good meanings but are used in different contexts. One of these words includes “flys or flies”.

One thing I want you to understand about the English language is that no one is a master of all, there are times that you have to check the dictionary to confirm the exact spelling or meaning of a word before using it.

So don’t feel bad if you find it difficult to differentiate the two. In this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand how to use them with respect to the right context.

Flys or Flies

What is flies?

A fly is a small-winged insect. The plural is flies (a large number of insects). It can also serve as the third person singular verb of the word fly.


  • My teacher told me to cover my food so that flies will not perch on it.
  • He flies over the mountains every day due to the nature of his job.
  • Flies are insects that can make you uncomfortable while you are kicking mangoes.
  • He flies his kite by 4 pm every day notwithstanding if it’s raining or not.

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Flys or Flies

What is flys?

Flys in some contexts can be the misspelling of flies; but on the other hand, in the 1800s, Flys can in some context refer to the plural form of a type of carriage used for transportation.

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The most common use of the word “flys” is when it refers to the zipper on the front of a pair of pants which can at times be replaced with another word. It is also applicable to a theatre.


  • Teachers must teach their students to learn to zip up their flys at the right time. (zipper meaning)
  • My dad told me the story of his movement with one of the best flys in the world designed with iron guides. (carriage meaning)
  • The only things she wasn’t allowed to touch in the theatre is the projectors and the flys. (stage meaning)
  • What interests me most about baseball are the flys that are caught professionally. (baseball meaning)

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Flys or Flies: phrases associated with them:

  • Fly high: to be too good at what you do or to be extremely successful.
  • How time flies!: A period of time that you were busy and not knowing that time was moving simultaneously.


  • Danny seldom__________with fly emirates, due to the nature of her job.
  • The worst thing I hate about mangoes is the _________ associated with it.
  • On getting to the theatre, I noticed the ___________ were not yet arranged.
  • Even you cry till tomorrow, those ____________will not leave till you wash the plates.
  • John Welser __________ the newest airplanes in our airport.


  • Flies
  • Flies
  • Flys
  • Flies
  • Flies

Final tips:

One of the easiest ways to remember the word “flies” is to know those words that end with “y” follow a pattern of adding “ies” to the end to indicate a larger number. In the context of flys, though not popularly used, remember that “flys” could relate to

  • (zipper meaning)
  • (carriage meaning)
  • (stage meaning)
  • (baseball meaning)
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Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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