Carmel vs Caramel – Which is Correct?

Carmel vs Caramel

Due to the difference in syllables and accents, most people mistake these two words. In comparing “Carmel vs Caramel” you will find out that these two words are totally different in usage and context.

Although some people still confuse one for the other, Carmel is a two-syllabic word while Caramel is made up of three syllables. As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these two words and how to use them properly in a sentence.

Carmel vs Caramel

Meaning of Carmel:

Carmel is a proper noun that represents a lot of things like cities and popular places. It is located on the map of the world to represent great places all across the world. The amazing thing about “Carmel” is that since it’s a proper noun, it’s always capitalized.

Places that bear the name:

  • Carmel Beach in California
  • The biblical Mount Carmel in the Mediterranean

People can bear the name:

  • Mrs. Carmel Jasper
  • Aunty Jammie Carmel’s book

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  • Meet Aunty Carmel‘s first son, Jack, who’s a fresh graduate from the University of Perche.
  • I ate with my crush last year at Carmel’s Diner.
  • I can’t wait to travel out and see the wonderous Carmel Beach in California.

Carmel vs Caramel

Meaning of Caramel:

Caramel on the other hand has several meanings. It could be a chewy brownish syrup with sugar and other flavors that serves as coloring for food. It is usually light brown which gives it that chocolate feeling and makes you savor it.

The word came from the french word “caramel” in the early 1700s and still used to date. Caramel being a three syllabic word in some accents and a two syllabic word if the “a” after the “r” is dropped, is confused with Carmel since it sounds the same as the two syllabic word.


  • Carmel’s Cookies makes the best caramel in town.
  • The brownish color of this chocolate is too much, can it also be said to be caramel?
  • One of the newest colors in Darling Super Star is the caramel color that is somehow similar to pink.

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Carmel vs Caramel: What’s the difference?

The best and easy way to remember the difference between these two words is to have it in mind that:

  • Caramel is a light brown color
  • Carmel is a popular beach in California.

On the other hand, the syllables will help you understand more:

  • Caramel is pronounced as Ca |ra |mel
  • Carmel is pronounced as Car |mel

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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