Column vs Row – See the simple difference

column vs row

Most students still find it difficult to differentiate between column vs row and they use them interchangeably at times, which is not supposed to be. 

When a researcher gathers data and is arranged in a tabular form, it is usually arranged in rows and columns for easy understanding and neatness purposes.

This article will examine the differences between the two words and how to use them appropriately. 

Column vs Row

Definition of a Row

A horizontal order in which names, objects, or figures are placed beside each other. It normally goes from left to right. 

Definition of a Column

A column is a vertical arrangement of names, facts, figures, objects, words, e.t.c.

The Pictorial difference between Rows and Columns

Column vs Row
Column vs Row

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Main differences between a column and a row in Excel

  • Rows are arranged from left to right, while a column is arranged from up to down.
  • A row is arranged horizontally, while a column is arranged in a vertical pattern.
  • When using an excel package, rows are identified with numbers while columns are identified using letters. 
  • Excel differentiates rows using colons, for example, B2:E2, while using commas to determine columns.

Column vs Row

The uses of rows and columns in a real-life setting

Rows are used when referring to chairs in a cinema because they are arranged in horizontal order. So the tickets that are usually issued out have things like row 5 or row 1 written on it, which means that you ought to sit in the 5th or 1st horizontal line. 

Columns are typically used in newspapers, especially the leaf where they advertise jobs. Sometimes articles too are published in that manner. They are written from up to down and are divided into columns, and as such, they are called columns. 

Sentences using the words Row and Column

  • I sat in the 17th seat, 3rd row when we watched the movie at the cinema yesterday.
  • On the assembly ground, students are advised to stand in a single column.
  • We can arrange the columns according to gender and age.
  • We can divide this column into two because it is too long.
  • Rows and Columns are important features of the excel application.
  • On getting to the mechanic workshop, I couldn’t assess my car because it was parked at the last column. 

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Column vs Row

Final tips:

The way you write numbers, one line after the order is a good description of a column while the way you write words in a sentence (word by word) is a good description of a Row.

Example of Column:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Example of Row:

Books | Pens | Houses | Phones

This is a good description of rows and columns.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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