Thier or Their – Which is Correct?


A change in a letter’s position in an English word can turn the word into another that exists or does not exist. In the context of “Thier and Their”, one is correct while the other is incorrect.

As you read through this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

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Thier or Their

Their Meaning:

Their is a possessive pronoun that is used to refer to something belonging to a group of people.

The word usually modifies before a noun in a sentence and drives home the main idea. It is often confused as “there” or “they’re” because of the spelling and pronunciation.

Their can also be used when you want to refer to more than one person; that’s instead of saying “his own”, “her own” you generalize it as “their own”.

“Theirs” also play a role in possession in the case of direct possession.


  • This is their book.
  • Someone bought their new house.
  • Even if their home is far from the school, it doesn’t mean they should come late.
  • The difference between their room and ours is the Italian tile.
  • The book belongs to them, so it’s theirs. 

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Thier or Their

Meaning of Thier:

This is often a misspelling of the ideal word “their”. It comes from switching the “e” and “i” in the word, maybe mistakenly.


  • Thieis an incorrect word that comes from a misspelling of “their”.
  • I don’t think I can show them thier score (wrong)

How to remember: 

In comparing these two words, it is easy to misplace one for the other. One of the easy mnemonics for remembering the correct one is to use the word “they,” then remove the “y” and replace it with an “ir”.

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