Hampster or Hamster – Which is Correct?2 min read

Some words seem the same in pronunciation (Homophones), although one might be correct while the other can be incorrect or has another meaning. A good example includes “Hampster and Hamster.

These words can be confusing, especially when writing, since they sound the same way, but one is correct in the English language while the other is a misspelling.

As you read through this article, I will explain the differences between these words and help you understand each of them.

Hampster or Hamster

Meaning of Hamster:

A hamster is a short-tailed rodent that serves as laboratory animals from the subfamily of Cricetinae. The word “Hamster” is often misspelled as “Hampster” because of the similarity in spelling, and both have the same pronunciation.


  • I wonder where I can find a Hamster in this broad daylight.
  • Hamsters are nocturnal animals that can be very annoying.
  • The science teacher asked Dan to use a Hamster for his Casper Project.
  • Don’t allow the elongated cheek pouches of the Hamster to touch you.

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Hampster or Hamster

Meaning of Hampster:

This word is often a misspelling of “Hamster.” There is a dance called Hampster Dance,” the dance is featured by rodents and hamsters in the form of an animated GIF. It started in 1998 by a Canadian art student Deidre LaCarte.


  • I doubted the meaning of Hampster when I saw the dance.
  • The Hampster Dance started through a competition.
  • A word like Hampster will always make you check your dictionary to confirm the authenticity.
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Final tips: 

The English language doesn’t have a definite way of referring to words; the best way to confirm the ideal meaning is to check it up in a dictionary, whether online or offline.

Hampster or Hamster is easy to misspell because they are homophones, but Hamster is the correct word while the other is incorrect.

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