Follow up or Follow-up or Followup (Which is Correct?)

follow up

English Language at times seems ambiguous if you don’t understand similar words. Words like Follow-up or Follow up or Followup are misused by writers even by graduates too. The endpoint is that one is above mistake and thus even at your climax of education, you can make this mistake too.

There a difference between “Follow up” with space, “follow-up” with a hyphen, and thus one without space. Although all of them have the same meaning, they don’t share the same function in a sentence. In this article, I will explain the three and help you understand them better and also use them properly.

What is Follow up:

This is the process of maintaining contact with someone to get more information from them or to get their final response on a venture.

It could mean the process of following up on someone. Follow up is a verb when used in the right context. Like I said at the beginning, there is no difference between the one with a hyphen and the without, the only discrepancy is the use of each of them.


  • I was asked to follow up on her registration.
  • I was following up with this year’s league but got tired at a point.
  • Jamie will follow up on Sunday with the readings.

What is Follow-up?

It also means the process of maintaining contact with someone to get more information from them. It is a noun and can also serve as an adjective.


  • The follow-up process didn’t make sense at all.
  • Sometimes if you look at the entire follow-up process in a hospital, it seems like extortion.
  • The lesson was awesome, we will like to offer you a follow-up interview to know what comes next.
  • It’s normal for schools to place an ad for qualified teachers but also place a follow-up interview on those with an N.C.E.
  • Oma-lay got us a follow-up song after dropping his first album.

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What is Followup?

Grammarly says that Followup is wrong. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language states that its okay to write it together as an alternative for the one with space(follow up).


  • Sometimes if you look at the entire__________ process in network marketing, it seems exhausting.
  • He was asked to __________ on her registration.
  • Cardi J will __________ on Friday with the spelling and interpretation.


  • Follow-up
  • Follow up
  • Follow up

More tips:

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Additional tips on a Follow Up Email:


The reference is a reminder of what you spoke with your client. It involves giving reference to the initial email and using it to freshen the memory of the client. It comes in this format, “My boss asked me to follow up to see what you thought about [subject of email]“.

Add more Information:

An additional information to the mail goes by:

“[product name] could really help you and I know it will help for a month or so. Attached to this mail is a key to a free trial for a month”.

Add a Call-to-Action:

“Give me your reply when you are done with [product name] so that I can know what you think”.

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Follow up is a verb, follow-up is a noun and can also serve as an adjective and followup is most times not acceptable.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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