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Is “Reoccuring” a misspelling of “Recurring” or is there much more discrepancy in both? I think so because the exceptional thing about these two words is that they are similar in spelling and as much sound the same(Homophones).

In the context of this statement, “I’m tired of this exam, it seems like the same questions are ________(“recurring/reoccuring”); which should be the correct answer.

In this article, I will explain Reoccurring vs. Recurring, their meanings, differences, and how to remember each of them.

What is Recurring?

Breaking it down to a verb, it is “Recur” serving as a verb, a gerund, and a participial adjective meaning “to repeat itself continuously or to happen again after an interval of time”. It is derived from the Latin word “recurrere” meaning “to run back”. Sometimes people misspell it as “recuring” that’s with a single “r”.


  • August break from rainfall is something that recurs every year.
  • The master has a recurring sound that makes him wake up a night. (Sometimes people use “reoccuring” here)

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What is Reoccurring?

Just like “Recurring”; breaking it down to a verb, it is “Reoccur”. In serving as a verb, it means“to repeat itself at least once”.


  • That question on Binary Development seem to reoccur again.
  • I have answered question 24, it seems to reoccur as question 55.
  • The reoccurring process of 0.1 as the liquidation price in this calculation is making me to lose interest in trading tonight.
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Reoccuring vs. Recurring (How to differentiate both):

The easiest way to remember Reoccuring, is to disintegrate the word as “Re” and “occur” and remembering it to mean, “to occur again”.

On the other hand, the way to remember Recurring is to use the word “Re” and “current”. Just as current continuously move in a forward direction that’s the same way an event continues to recurr; happening continuously.

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  • The oceans tides can’t stop _______
  • Sir, question number 64 ________ as question 92, what should I do?
  • What will come to your mind if you heard that the dream will ________
  • People say that Dejavu is like a movie in reality that seems to ________


  • Recurring
  • Reocurred
  • Reoccur
  • Reoccur

Reoccuring vs. Recurring: Recap:

In summary of these two keywords, Reoccuring vs. Recurring, although one can be misinterpreted as the other, it’s best to know the right context to use each other.

In Reoccuring; it means “to repeat itself at least once” while Recurring means “to repeat itself continuously or to happen again after an interval of time”.

Final tips:

Some word processors see “Reoccuring” as a mistake and thus underlines it with a red line. The update is that reoccur is correct depending on the context of use.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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