Apart vs A part – Which is Correct?

Apart vs A part

As you read and learn more about the English language, you will come in contact with words that are almost the same but separated by a space between letters. “Apart vs A part” is one of these words.

The amazing thing about these two words is that they are the same in sound and spelling, that’s why they are used interchangeably in sentences and phrases.

In addition, one of the major differences is that one has a space between the “A” and the “P” while in the other, all the letters are written together.

As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between the two words and help you understand their best contexts of usage.

Apart vs A part

Meaning of Apart:

It is mostly used as an adverb to show how two things are separated from one another. It can also serve as a preposition meaning “besides”. On the other hand, it can serve as an adjective in the context of “separate or isolated”.


  • Apart from the new Play station, what other device did Uncle Jackie buy for you? (As a preposition)
  • My Uncle and I learned how to grow fishes from our teacher’s farm, but we have our fish farms apart. (As an adverb)
  • The differences between Nowell books and Light Books are worlds apart. (As an adjective).
  • The two schools are 20 miles apart, meaning that you cannot go there.

Apart vs A part

Meaning of A part:

“A part” as the name implies is made up of two words; “A” and “part”. “A part” is a noun that means a portion of a whole. “A” from the word is an article while “part” means a piece of a whole.


  • I only took a part of the money to my mum.
  • A Part of what I told her was my relationship with David in the past.
  • Once you become a part of the superior team, I will get you a gift of encouragement.

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Apart vs A partHow to Remember:

“A part” can also be written as “part”. One of the significant notifications of “Apart” is that it always goes with a Preposition “from”. While “A part” goes with a preposition “of” in most sentences.


  • ___________ from Dave, which another guy can you work with.
  • I was given _________ of the money to keep in the drawer.
  • He asked me to be __________ of the new team leaders.
  • Try as much as possible to keep those colors ____________ to avoid any mixture.

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  • Apart
  • A part
  • A part
  • Apart

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Apart vs A part” answered your question.

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