Lense or Lens (Which is Correct)?

lense or lens

Once you hear lense or lens, the first thing that comes into your mind is photography or Eyeglasses. These two words sound alike just as “Seperate and Separate”, although one exists and the other doesn’t. And as much, one(lens) is misspelled for the one(lense).

Just like no one is above mistakes, one can make this mistake, so don’t feel bad if you mistook one for the other.

In this article, I will explain these two words using examples and also explaining how to differentiate both.

Lense or Lens

What is Lens?

Lens is more common when it comes to photography to represent an accessory that helps to enhance an image. It could also mean a curved piece of glass that is found in eyeglasses to correct impaired vision.


  • Please don’t allow Mr. Rice to step on my lens.
  • Get my 35-105mm lens when coming for the wedding.
  • If I’m to buy a new camera, I will buy a longer lens, just like the ones used in Nat Geo Wild.
  • My eyeglasses are made with a convex lens, so be careful with it.

What is Lense?

Just like Seperate, Lense is a word that doesn’t exist. People make the mistake of writing it because it has the same sound (Homophone) as Lens. The mistake is unavoidable if you haven’t seen the two words and it is very easy to mistake one for the other.


  • The doctor didn’t provide a frame, he only gave me the Lense (Correct word – Lens)
  • Take the new Lense to the car, Please be careful with it (Correct word – Lens).
  • The convex lense on that table should be removed. (Correct word – Lens)

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Lense or Lens: How to differentiate both:

The discrepancy that lens has with Lense is that the plural of the lens is lenses, which seems like the plural of lense too. That is where the issue comes from. Thus, there are two major ways to remember these words:

  • Lens is a singular word just like Bus, class, and has its plural by adding “es” to it. While Lense ending with an “e” indicates that its an error or a mistake that occurs in spelling.
  • The best way to know the difference is to study and have it in mind that “Lens” is correct while Lense is incorrect.


  • What do you attach to a part of a camera to get a more comprehensive view (Lense or Lens)
  • What is attached to the frame of Eyeglasses to get a clearer view (Lense or Lens)
  • If asked in an exam to differentiate between Lense and Lens, which will be the correct one (Lense or Lens)


  • Lens
  • Lens
  • Lens

Final tips:

I hope you understood the difference between the two words. Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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