Aisle vs Isle

Aisle vs Isle (Which one is correct?)2 min read

Just like greatful vs Grateful, there words that sound alike, of which each of them has a different meaning. In some contexts, one may exist while the other may not. Some of these words may include “aisle vs isle” which sound-alike (Homophones) but have different meanings.

The amazing thing about these words is that they are not spelt as they sound, they are spelt totally differently. In this article, I will explain these two words.

Aisle vs Isle

What is Aisle?

Aisle is a passage between two things or lines. It could be rows and seats in a building. The word is usually a noun that indicates a long line or a path. You can get a more understanding of an aisle when you look at the long line between the seats in an airplane. That is a good description of an aisle.


  • On our wedding day, we will walk along the aisle to the spiritual leader.
  • Even if the aisle is long, it doesn’t require blocking the entrance.
  • When you get to the end of the road, turn left, you will see an aisle that leads to the gate of Maryland’s Estate.

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Aisle vs Isle

What is Isle?

An isle is a noun that is short for an Island.


  • The movie “Jumanji” was acted on an Isle.
  • Even you live in that Isle for two months, you will not be in short supply of food.
  • What more can I say, “Life in an Isle is worth it”.

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Aisle vs Isle: How to differentiate Both:

Just like both “Aisle vs Isle” sound the alike, there are two major ways to differentiate both:

The First Two Letters:

The first two letters of Aisle can be used as an Airplane to indicate the long passage or walkway in an airplane. While the Isle can be used as Island to indicate an island.

Learning the words:

If you still find it difficult to grasp the differences, you can take your time to understand that “Aisle is then passage between two things or lines” while “Isle is an island”. You can paste at the door of your wardrobe or a place you can see it all the time so that your brain can capture and store it.

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In understanding “aisle vs isle”, make up your mind that its easy to learn and you will learn it.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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