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Greatful vs. Grateful – See the only Difference2 min read

These two words (Greatful vs. Grateful) to some extent sound like Homophones(same pronunciation) but one exists while the other doesn’t. They are both used interchangeably to show appreciation for what someone did and a sign of thankfulness.

What is Grateful?

Grateful has various meanings, it could mean:

  • A sign of appreciation for what someone did for you.
  • Showing thankfulness for what someone did for you
  • An Expression of Gratitude and concern.

What is Greatful?

Greatful is often misspelt as grateful because of the way it sounds. There is no word like “Greatful”, it is as a result of the way it sounds that why people generally make the mistake of writing it as “Greatful” instead of the actual word being “grateful”.

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Grateful or Greatful? Here is the Source:

The main source of the misspelling is in Great and Grate; these two words are pronounced identically and thus if you add “fy” to both, the sound still remains the same.

On the other hand, people use “great” to mean something that is big or large or popular, thus linking it to a favour received, that is why they assume it to be greatful instead of Grateful.

Thus erase the word “Greatful” from your mind entirely because it doesn’t exist.

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Test of Understanding:

  • When I got the present from my Uncle, I was very _________
  • After all I did for you, you left me for another guy, OMG, you are not ______at all.
  • Gratitude only shows you are _____ for what you have.
  • What more can I say for all you have done for me, my dear, I’m really _____
  • The first thing you need to do every day is to show gratitude for what you have meaning being ______
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  • Grateful
  • Grateful
  • Grateful
  • Grateful
  • Grateful

Final tips:

In comparing “Greatful vs. Grateful”, you just have to understand that “greatful” doesn’t exist while the correct word to show appreciation is to use “Grateful.

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