Definately or Definitely – Which is correct?

The confusion between “Definately and Definitely” occurs because of the similarity in spelling and pronunciation.

“Definately” is the wrong word while “Definitely” is the correct word. Since the 16th century when these words were first adopted into usage, there have been discrepancies between dictionaries on which of them is correct.

This article will explain these two words and help you understand the difference between them.

Definately or Definitely

Meaning of Definately:

The Urban Dictionary regards “definately” as the ‘Idiot-speak for “definitely”. The mistake comes as a result of misplacing the “i” between the “n” and “t” with “a”. Sometimes it is an abrupt mistake due to the similarity in spelling and pronunciation.


  • I will definately end this course today. (incorrect)
  • She must definately pay for that book whether she likes it or not. (incorrect)
  • I must definately apply for that scholarship next year. (incorrect)

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Definately or Definitely

Meaning of Definitely:

The root word of “Definitely” is “Definite”. The “ly” after the root word turns it into an adverb. However, definitely comes from the Latin word “definitus”, meaning Precise or definite.

“Definitely” means without resistance or question. The phonological transcription is |ˈdefɪnətlɪ|.


  • I will definitely find out about it.
  • She must definitely explain the reason for that act.
  • Definitely is often confused as “definately” because of the way it sounds.

Definately or Definitely

Antonymes and Synonymes:

The antonyms of definitely include:

  • Indefinitely
  • Perhaps
  • Doubtfully
  • Possibly

The synonyms of definitely include:

  • Clearly
  • Easily
  • Alright
  • Doubtless

Final tips:

Another word that is often confused as “definitely” is Defiantly. Unlike “definately”, this word exists in the English dictionary, meaning “a strong opposition against a force” but is often confused with the ideal word.

The best way to identify the correct word is to look at the root word “Definite”, then add the suffix “ly” to create the new word.

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