Withdrawl vs Withdrawal – Which is Correct? (FAQs)

“Withdrawl and Withdrawal” are two words similar in spelling and pronunciation. Withdrawal is the correct word, while withdrawl is the incorrect word.

Looking critically into these words, you will find out that the only difference between them is the presence of “a” between “w” and “l” and its absence in the other.

This article will explain these words and help you understand their differences.

Meaning of Withdrawl:

This is often an obsolete or incorrect way of spelling the word. It comes from the root word “Withdraw,” then adding the suffix “l” makes the word become “withdrawl.”


  • The withdrawl process from a University is a tedious process. (incorrect)
  • Why was the money withdrawl so fast? (incorrect)
  • Withdrawl from College might require extra fees, although I’m not sure. (incorrect)

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Withdrawal vs Withdrawl

Meaning of Withdrawal:

Withdrawal is the process of terminating someone or something. There are several meanings to this word, which includes:

  • The process of retiring from a job or a function.
  • The stoppage in the usage of drugs.
  • A method of controlling birth during intercourse.
  • To exempt oneself from participation.
  • To remove money from a venture.


  • The doctor advised me on the best withdrawal method during intercourse for birth control.
  • Withdrawal from College doesn’t make you a failure in life.
  • The number of withdrawals I got today on the portal was beyond my expectations.

Antonyms for Withdrawal:

  • Connection
  • Application
  • Injection
  • Insertion

Synonyms for Withdrawal:

  • Removal
  • Extraction
  • Disruption
  • Cancellation

FAQs on Withdrawal vs. Withdrawl

Which is the correct spelling: “Withdrawl” or “Withdrawal”?

The correct spelling is “Withdrawal.” “Withdrawl” is an incorrect spelling.

I’ve seen “Withdrawl” in a text. Is it acceptable?

No, “Withdrawl” is a misspelling. For formal and correct writing, always use “Withdrawal.”

Why might “Withdrawl” appear in some writings?

“Withdrawl” can appear due to typographical errors or misunderstandings of the correct spelling. Always double-check for accuracy.

Does “Withdrawl” have a different meaning from “Withdrawal”?

“Withdrawl” is simply an incorrect spelling of “Withdrawal.” They intend to convey the same meaning, but only “Withdrawal” is correct.


The difference between these words is the presence of “a” after “w” and its absence in the other.

However, the best way to identify the correct word between them is to listen critically to the pronunciation of withdrawal to get the presence of the “ə” sound in /wɪðˈdrɔ əl/.

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