Dieing or Dying – What’s the difference?

There are words with the same pronunciation but with different spellings and meaning. These words are called homophones, they can also be called heterographs. They make one very confused at times because the spelling and meaning is determined by the context of usage. One of the words include “Dieing or Dying“.

Dieing or Dying


This is a mistake anyone can make while writing if the person wants to refer to this particular word ‘dying’. But in the actual sense, this word has a meaning. Dieing means, a process which involves cutting and shaping out things with a die cut machine. But it is completely wrong if you are using it to refer to death.


  • The tools you sent to me yesterday has undergone dieing.
  • Dieing is a gradual process that requires intense concentration to get the desired sharpness you need.

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Dieing or Dying


This is present continuous or present participle form of the word ‘die’. Dying means to pass away or transit to another world. It can also refer to the process of changing the color of a cloth to get a new or unique color (as in tie and dye).


  • My son said his last words to me before dying which is the most painful memory I have.
  • Many people in the world are dying everyday because of malnutrition.
  • He abandoned his dying mother because he wasn’t in his right senses.
  • The dying can feel when they are about to transit to the next world (used figuratively)
  • The dying process of a black jean is vigorous.

More examples of homophones include:

  • Mourning and morning
  • Knew and new
  • Thyme and Time
  • Two and too
  • Genes and jeans
  • Mail and male
  • Dying and dyeing
  • Dear and deer
  • Allowed and aloud
  • Thrown and throne
  • Steel and steal
  • Vail and vale
  • Gays and gaze
  • Knight and night
  • Bean and been

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