Enquire vs Inquire: Which is Correct?

Enquire vs Inquire

Words like “enquire vs inquire” usually make you feel like you haven’t learned a lot in the English language. Most times, the only difference is that one can be in the British format while the other in the American format.

The good thing about these words is like both mean the same thing as “to seek for” but are used in different contexts.

One thing I want you to understand about the English language is not anybody is a master of all; there are times that you have to check the dictionary to confirm the exact meaning or pattern of use. So don’t feel embarrassed if the word seems awkward to you. Alright, let’s ride on to “Enquire vs Inquire”.

Enquire vs Inquire

Enquire definition:

Enquire means “to ask for something or someone”. It could also mean to investigate a situation or a case. The word is mostly used in British English. Enquire is not used when talking or explaining an official investigation or query.


  • Jamie, don’t forget to enquire about the cause of the traffic at the St. Louis toll gate.
  • I had to enquire about the event before making a payment.
  • Before I travel to New Zealand, I will have to enquire about their cost of housing and living.

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Inquire definition:

Inquire has the same definition as Enquire, meaning “to ask for something or someone” professionally. Unlike Enquiry, Inquiry is mostly used in American English when talking or explaining an official or formal investigations or query.


  • I asked him to go with the lawyer to inquire about the next location of the case.
  • Even if I inquire about the job, you still have no chance of getting.
  • I need to inquire about the next phase of this interview because I need to get this job.

Enquire vs Inquire

More Information:

Both Inquire and Enquire mean the same thing, the only difference is the differences in countries of usage.

Awesome one, I hope this article.

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