Hypocracy or Hypocrisy – Which is Correct?

When you critically analyze “Hypocracy and Hypocrisy,” you will find that they are similar in spelling and pronunciation. What differs in both is the presence of “ac” in Hyprocracy and “is” in the other.

However, Hypocrisy is the act of professing or initiating beliefs and standards that one does not possess or live up to. Hypocracy, on the other hand, is often an obsolete or incorrect way of spelling the definitive word.

This article will explain these words and help you understand their differences.

Hypocracy or Hypocrisy

Meaning of Hypocracy:

Just like “Democracy,” it is a four-syllabic word. Hypocracy is a word having a warning label that indicates that it is incorrect. The error occurs due to replacing the “is” in the ideal word with “ac.”

Some people define this word as “a form of government or institution run by hypocrites or pretenders.” This definition comes from the idea of democracy.

On the other hand, more articles on hypocrisy are usually redirected from “hypocracy” because the word doesn’t exist in the English dictionary.


  • Sometimes, hypocracy is something that can’t be avoided. (incorrect)
  • Can hypocracy be forced? (incorrect)
  • Look at the hypocracy coming from the head of youth, gosh! (incorrect)

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Meaning of Hypocrisy:

The phonological transcription of Hypocrisy is /hɪˈpɒkrəsi/. It is a four-syllabic word. Hypocrisy means the pretense of having a genuine, legitimate character or belief in a particular course.

Just like Francois de la Rochefoucauld will say, “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.”


  • The game of hypocrisy is something that is difficult to end.
  • Hypocrisy in this century has come to stay.

Hypocracy or Hypocrisy

Synonyms and Antonyms of Hypocrisy:


FAQs on Hypocracy or Hypocrisy

What is hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy is the act of pretending to believe or support things one actually opposes or doesn’t practice. It’s saying one thing and doing another.

Is it “hypocracy” or “hypocrisy”?

The correct term is “hypocrisy.” “Hypocracy” is a common misspelling.

Can you give an example of hypocrisy?

Sure! If someone preaches about the importance of honesty but often lies, that’s an example of hypocrisy.

Why is hypocrisy criticized?

Hypocrisy is criticized because it shows insincerity and a lack of integrity, where one’s actions don’t match their stated beliefs.

Final tips:

In comparing ” Hypocracy and Hypocrisy,” one of the best ways to recognize the correct word is to remember “democracy” as a form of government similar to hypocracy (government by Hypocrites; though not existing in the English dictionary).

On the other hand, hypocrisy is the pretense of having a genuine, legitimate character or belief in a particular course.

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