Advize vs Advice vs Advise – What’s the difference2 min read

The English language has its own dictionary of words such that each word has its own meaning such that a change in a single letter within a word will change it into something new.

In the context of Advize or Advice or even Advise, you will notice that the difference between these words is a change in a single letter.

Advice is a noun, advise is a verb while Advize is a word that is an old spelling of advise that is not often used.

As you read through this article, I will explain these words and give you more insight into them.

Advise or Advize vs Advice

Meaning of Advice:

Advice is used as a noun in a sentence. It serves well as a recommendation concerning a pattern of doing things. Most times, it is confused with “advise” which is a verb.


  • Make sure you take his advice while working in his company.
  • An advice is not a curse, it is your choice to take it.
  • Pls sir, I need your advice.

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Advice vs Advize vs Advise

Meaning of Advise:

Advise is used as a verb in a sentence. It means the process of giving direction or recommendation to someone on something on an important issue.


  • I advised him to drop his gun and focus on the birds.
  • I highly advise you to visit your lecturer before submitting the proposal.
  • It is one thing to be advised, it is another to take it.
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Advize vs Advice vs Advise

Meaning of Advize:

This is more often a misspelling that come as a result of changing the “c” in advice and “s” in advise to advize.

It is a common mistake that anyone can make in the process of writing, so the best way to handle this word is to be cautious when writing the two correct ones mentioned above.


  • Pls, what advize do you have for me? (incorrect)
  • What is the best advize you can give a friend? (incorrect)

Final tips:

Advize vs Advice vs Advise can easily be confused for each other, but the best way to avoid the mistake is to commit it to memory; knowing that “Advice is used as a noun in a sentence”, and “Advise is used as a verb in a sentence” while the other doesn’t exist.

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