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When you look closely at the two words “Label and Lable”, you will find out that they are similar in spelling and pronunciation, but the difference between them is the placement of the “e” and “l”.

The amazing thing about these words is that my computer’s autocorrect has underlined “Lable” stating that it seems incorrect and should be corrected.

Thus in this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand the difference between them.

Lable vs. Label

Meaning of Lable:

Lable comes as a result of the misspelling of the ideal word being “Label”. If you look closely, you will find out that both words have the same beginning letters “LAB” but writing “l” before “e” made this word incorrect.


  • Get the cloth with the red lable. (incorrect)
  • I think all the materials have a lable, so it can be easier to identify the silk from the cotton. (incorrect)

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Lable vs. Label

Meaning of Label:

Basically, a label is a piece of material placed on a product for easy identification because it contains vital information about the product which includes where and who made it.

On the other hand, a label can also be a name given to a category of products for proper identification. In the coding space, a label is a name placed in a source code of a program that can be reached when you use the GOTO command.


  • Since it doesn’t have a label, it means that it was just produced now.
  • The production team is not allowed to add labels to products to avoid miscalculations.
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Some words in the English dictionary are best confirmed before usage, that’s more especially in the context of label and lable.

So, in summary, the difference between these two words is that Label is the ideal or correct way of spelling tags attached to products for easy identification while lable is the incorrect is an obsolete way of spelling the word.

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