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Schooling vs Education: What nobody tells You3 min read

Schooling vs Education are two terms that have been misidentified, misinterpreted, as well as misconceptualized. They are often used interchangeably and thought to mean the same thing, but in actuality, are different.

Education can be simply said to be the process of gaining knowledge formally and informally while schooling is simply going to school to learn. From these definitions, schooling can be said to be a branch of education, but education is not a branch of schooling.

When most people think or talk about education, they are actually talking about schooling. They want their children to go to the best schools, get the best “education”, and go on to get good jobs. In this article, we will try to highlight a few differences in schooling vs education.

Don’t let your Schooling interfere with your Education


What Is Schooling?

Schooling is simply the process of learning or being taught within the four walls of a classroom or in a school. It is the process of receiving “education” or acquiring knowledge formally.

Here, the services of a teacher or lecturer are needed to instruct a group of people called pupils or students. The teacher teaches them, considering their academic strengths and what they are supposed to know according to the curriculum, and at the end of the term, they take exams or tests. In schooling, students move from levels to levels depending on how much they pass their exams or tests.

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What Is Education?

Education is a lifelong process of learning and acquiring knowledge. It involves developing the ability to think, create, solve, understand, learn, act, and question. It also involves the development of mind and character.

According to Wikipedia, education is: “The process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

According to, education is: “The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life”.

Education doesn’t deal only with learning or knowledge. It involves inculcating values, manners, and building habits. It prepares someone to face life and improves comprehensive and encompassing.

Schooling vs Education: Types of Education:

Education can be formal or informal, and can happen anywhere, at any time.

Informal education can be seen when children are taught by parents or guardians to talk, to write, to read, to greet, to be respectful, to do chores, and other things.

It can also be seen when children learn to do things and solve problems on their own. Informal education also includes online learning, self-learning, reading books, learning form friends, learning from life experiences and situations, and seminars.

Formal education includes “schooling” at various levels; primary, secondary, tertiary. It also includes graduate schools.

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Schooling vs Education: Differences Between Education And Schooling

  • Schooling is one small part or stage of education, but education is much more than schooling.
  • The schooling system is rigid and systematic, while education is dynamic, comprehensive, and broad.
  • Schooling always takes place in a classroom or school. Education can take place anywhere.
  • Schooling doesn’t necessarily bring about education if what is taught cannot be applied to real-life situations and problems. Education develops the ability to identify problems, solve problems, and achieve results.
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Final tips:

Schooling vs Education will make you more focused as you study in college. It will help you manage your time and engage into extra and co-curricular activities that will boost your self esteem.

Schooling alone will not get you to where you want to be because school will not teach you self development, leadership, critical thinking and time management but education through books will gain you exposure on these pros of life.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “schooling vs Education”, answered your question.

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