Busses or Buses (Which is correct?)

More often than not, “busses or buses” are two words that seem very complicated on which is correct. Some say that the plural of bus is “Busses”, while some say its “Buses”; In this article, I will explain the both and state the best answer to the plural of bus.

The amazing thing about the English language is that no one is above mistake so don’t feel bad if you make the mistake of misplacing one for the other. Even graduates of English at times get confused about some words in the English Language.

Busses or Buses

What are Buses?

Firstly, a Bus is a vehicle used for transportation. It’s a Latin word from “omnibus” meaning “for all”. It is used for carrying passengers or for moving goods from one place to another. In addition, it is the ideal plural of a Bus.


  • How man buses did you see at the bus stop?
  • Although the kids didn’t meet up, the driver called more buses to fasten the transportation.
  • The school bought three extra buses to help reduce the cost of transportation in school.
  • iPhone 12 max will be shipped separately with three buses to the East.

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Busses or Buses

What are Busses?

A buss is singularly”a kiss”. Its plural is Busses. Today it’s as if “Buss” is not much in use; if a writer or someone explaining wants to talk about a kiss, he/she will literally use the word “kiss”.


  • Towards the end of the movie, the man gave his wife a buss.
  • Busses are good when you get it from the right person.
  • Most writers no longer use busses to refer to kisses; they say “Kiss.”
  • I gave a lot of busses to my newborn baby.

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Busses or Buses: How to differentiate both:

Most times, these two words can get mixed up, so here is how to identify each of them. In the context of “Buses”, remember the word “Bus” as a vehicle while in the context of “busses”, remember the word “Buss” as a kiss to someone.


  • How many __________ will I take before I get to the school.
  • _________ are good for someone you love and care about.
  • How many __________ have we entered today.
  • I couldn’t give the baby a lot of _________ but I offered gifts instead.


  • Buses
  • Busses
  • Buses
  • Busses

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Busses or Buses: Final tips

If you refer to the plural of a means of transportation (Bus), it is Buses; then, the plural for kisses(Buss) is Busses. The best way to commit it to memory is the learn and get used to these two words because they can be easily misplaced.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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