Alot or A lot

Alot or A lot or even Allot (Which is correct?)3 min read

These words “alot or a lot” can be an issue when you are tensed up and can’t think through correctly. They have different meanings and are used in different contexts as the case may be; thus in this article, I will explain the meaning of these words and how to use them correctly.

On the other hand, I want you to understand that no one is above mistake, so don’t feel bad if you get confused about the right word to use and how to apply it. Even masters of English visit the dictionary at times to get a confirmation of some words.

Alot or A lot or Allot

What is A lot?

A lot is a phrase that means “many” or “several in number”. It’s made up of two words: “A” and “Lot”, which means that there is a space between the two words. It can serve as a noun, verb, pronoun, or adverb depending on the context of use.


  • I listen to a lot of music ( As an adverb)
  • I have a lot of games (As a pronoun)
  • Lot is a collection thing that has a specific use (As a Noun)
  • She can lot a bigger number or divide it into smaller lots or portions that are attainable (As a Verb).

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Alot or A lot or Allot

What is Alot?

Alot is a misspelling of a lot. Although its the name of a city in India, it’s not recognized as a correct English word. Some shows describe “alot” as a magical creature but its context-dependent.

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What is Allot?

Allot on the other hand has to do with distributing things evenly to people.


  • I was asked to allot the food to the kids.
  • Even if you allot the money, the man won’t take his share.
  • Allotting is something politicians need to understand when they want to run for an office in the state.

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Alot or A lot or Allot: How to remember the difference

Just as “lot” means a “large amount”, in writing the phrase “a big amount”, you don’t write it together, you give space. That’s the same factor that applies when you want to write “a” and “lot”; you give space between them to know that it signifies “a large amount”.

On the other hand, allot is a separate word on its own meaning to “share” or “distribute something evenly”.

The best and easiest way to get the difference between these words is to practice and use them often.

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Final tips:

Alot or A lot or even Allot can be confusing at times, so I want to make it easier for you by giving you a quiz to help you undertand it better.


  • When you were asked to ________ the books, did you remove Namie’s book?
  • I gave him ________ of books before he left for school.
  • What does the word _______ mean? (Wrong spelling)
  • She gave me ________ of materials to read before the exam.


  • Allot
  • A lot
  • Alot
  • A lot

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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