Equiptment or Equipment – Which is Correct?


Equiptment and Equipment are two words that are often misspelt because of their similarity and sound. The misspelling is common among writers who think that the “t” present in “Equiptment” is silent and should be written like that.

Like Maintenance and Maintainance, it is easy to follow a pattern of the English language and come up with an error in spelling; that is why it is good to check the dictionary before the usage of a word.

As you read through this article, I will explain these two words and make you understand their differences.

Equiptment or Equipment

Meaning of Equipment:

Equipment can be the tools used in performing a task or a service. It could be the items used in doing a particular work. For instance, the equipment used in mini farming includes Hoe, cutlass, spade etc.

Studies show that there is no plural for equipment, which implies that the word cannot have an “s” after it.


  • All the equipment needed for the tour is ready.
  • An equipment used in farming that has a curved blade with a wooden handle is called what?
  • Mr Joe has the most expensive office equipment in this company.

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Equiptment or Equipment

Meaning of Equiptment:

This is often a misspelling of equipment. It comes as a result of adding a “t” between “p” and “m”. Some writers make the mistake of adding the “t” because they feel it is silent and isn’t noticed during the pronunciation.


  • The incorrect spelling of equipment is equiptment.
  • Where are all the equiptments you bought? (incorrect)
  • Get all the equiptments ready; we are going for a job.

Equip Meaning:

To Equip means to prepare and get ready for a specific task or service. To equip oneself for an exam requires that one has to study and read adequately for the exam to write well.

Equiptment or Equipment

Final tips: 

The English Language doesn’t have a regular pattern in converting a word from a verb to a noun. That is why you have to check the dictionary for the ideal spelling and meaning of a word before usage.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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