Souvenier or Souvenir – Which is Correct?1 min read

At times, it is difficult to differentiate between words like Souvenier and Souvenir; this is because they are very similar in spelling and one is the obsolete spelling of the other.

It is also applicable to Extention and Extension where a single change from “s” to “t” in the word gave something extremely different.

As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these two words and the easiest way to identify the correct one.

Souvenier or Souvenir

Meaning of Souvenir

Souvenir can be an object or a paper received in remembrance of a person or an event. A Souvenir plays a vital role in events and conferences when the receiver has to take it home as a remembrance for the owner. It also plays as a symbol of honour to the receiver.


  • The souvenir I received from the conference made my day.
  • Please, can I get a souvenir for this event?
  • Why is this souvenir shopping taking time?

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Souvenier or Souvenir

Meaning of Souvenier

It is an alternative spelling of souvenir. The only difference between the two is the “e” between the “i” and the “r”.


  • Souvenier makes an event timely and creative. (incorrect)
  • The only difference between Souvenier and Souvenir is the “e” between the “i” and the “r”.

Final tips:

Although my laptop’s autocorrect underlines souvenier to be incorrect, it is an obsolete and alternative spelling of souvenir. Souvenir is preferable than the other because of the advancement in the English language.

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