When do PSAT scores come out

When do PSAT scores come out 2021? (Quick answer)3 min read

Waiting for your PSAT scores to come out can make you so anxious but, the PSAT score will give you a clue on what your SAT result will be like. In this article, I will give you clues on when your PSAT scores ought to be released and how to see it. Read on.

Normally, the exam results are released between six to eight weeks after you have written the exam which is around the month of December, give or take.

But, you must know that your school will see your results one week earlier before you get them which should be sometime in November.

We really have a major issue this period which is as a result of the COVID-19. This has made it a little difficult to ascertain the dates but nevertheless giving the outlines of the college board, we can reach some dates.

Another thing we should know also is that those that wrote the PSAT outside the US would receive theirs later than those that wrote the exam within the US.

When do PSAT scores come out 2021?

PSAT exam Date 2021

The exam is taken normally during the month of October. These are the dates that the PSAT exam ought to be written during the month of October.

  • The Main Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • Another Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
  • It can be written on Saturday also, October 16, 2021
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Some colleges actually set up the exam for their students but if you do not like the way your college administers the exam, you can take the exam elsewhere. You must not write the exam at your school.

While some do not involve themselves with the exam; If your college does not help set the exam up for you, then you would have to take the exam in another school or another centre. 

The PSAT results are released during the first week of December. The day you get yours is dependent on where you wrote the exam. You can have access to your scores through your account on the college board web site.

When you have logged in then, click “PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 Scores” to see your PSAT results.

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Steps to setting up a college board account:

  • You need to be 13 years and above.
  • Complete a simple form which will be presented to you, then choose a username and password.
  • If you already one, don’t open a new account because it can lead to misplacement of results.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve the account again.

Benefits of writing a PSAT Exam.

  • It helps you prepare for the SAT exam.
  • It is used by some scholarship organizations to award scholarships.

PSAT Paper Results

The college board has a routine whereby it sends the paper to the various colleges that registered with them. But the results are released sometime between January and March the next year.

When do PSAT scores come out 2021?

After PSAT, what next?

This question is next on the mind of anyone who has seen his or her PSAT scores.

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The best step is to go ahead and prepare for the SAT exam, of course, we already know that the PSAT was taking to get the students ready for the SAT exam.

If you get 1200 and above in your PSAT then it is likely that you will get roughly the same score if you do not prepare, but a better score if you add some more preparations.

How to improve your SAT scores

If you did not really get a good score just do some analysis, find out what went wrong and make some adjustments so that you would get a better result in your main SAT exam. 

This can also help those that performed well during the exam too.

  • Identify some online tools that can help you to perform better in your SAT exam.
  • There are some free web sites that offer free PSAT and SAT exams. You can take these exams and prepare yourself for the main exams.

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I hope this article has answered your questions.

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