Graduate Assistant – Everything you need to know

Graduate Assistant

You can apply as a graduate assistant if you find a master’s or doctorate very expensive at the moment although, it might be challenging combining the duties of a graduate assistant with your course work.

Who is a Graduate Assistant?

A graduate assistant is someone who supports a college or a university academically while trying to complete their post-graduate program by helping with academic research work.

The graduate assistant is normally given financial help so they could help with academic work.

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

Graduate Assistantship is a huge opportunity for graduates to work with experts in their field and be more knowledgeable.

The job gives the student the time to work on personal projects while still receiving benefits like tuition waiver and a monthly stipend.

Types of Graduate Assistants:

  • Graduate General or Administrative Assistants
  • Graduate Research Assistants
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistants

They can be referred to as GTA. They help the professor or lecturer in their academic duties although considered to be part of the faculty too. In some cases, they might even have to lecture the students, but mostly undergraduates.

Roles of Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • They assist the lecturers in class.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants help with the grading of the assignments and projects.
  • They can even handle some courses, especially for the undergraduate level.
  • They can conduct research too.

Graduate Research Assistants

They can be referred to as GRA. They mainly do research work. Graduate research assistants have differences in work level which vary from department to department and from faculty to faculty.

Roles of Graduate Research Assistants
  • They search out core information from libraries, books, or the web.
  • They engage in fieldwork most of the time.
  • A GRA can co-author a book with the professor.
  • They can carry out laboratory experiments or data analysis.
  • A GRA can work on various samples and attend different seminars.
  • They can work on external projects during vacations and holidays.

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Graduate General/Administrative Assistant (GAA or GGA)

They work mainly in the administrative unit of the universities. They help the workers of the administrative unit with their duties.

Roles of the GAA.
  • They collect different orders and interpret the administrative data collected.
  • They attend different conferences and can hold seminars or workshops too.
  • They also coordinate undergraduate events and meetings.

List of those that can employ a graduate assistant.

  • Business schools
  • Technical schools
  • Medical and surgical schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Junior colleges
  • Professional schools

Benefits of being a graduate assistant

  • You will have opportunities to meet field experts.
  • You will get different work experiences.
  • This can help with the finances for the projects and tuition as well.
  • You get to help other undergraduates with their project work at times and even learn from them.

What do you need to be eligible for the post of a graduate assistant?

  • You need to be admitted into a graduate program.
  • Having a good grade can help you get admitted at least with a minimum of 3.0 as a CGPA

How to become a graduate assistant

  • Get in contact with the graduate coordinator because they review every applicant’s application for the post and the best is to be considered.
  • Must have charismatic qualities.
  • The student should have exceptional qualities like communication and the ability to write.
  • You need to be computer literate.

General Benefits of a Graduate Assistant

  • The position helps you acquire some skills.
  • It can help you get your dream degree without owing or being in debt.
  • It helps to prepare you for an awesome future and career by increasing your employability status.
  • It helps to build your career and helps you get better jobs too.
  • You get stipends that help you with tuition fees and projects.

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