How to be (10x) more Productive in College

Sometimes people say that if you want to be more productive in College, you need the Productivity hacks for students.

What are these productivity hacks and how can you make progress and be 10x productive in College?

But wait…

What does it mean “to be productive“?

Being productive means working and producing a positive result.

A productive person sets a goal for a target and hits it before the day runs out or any time dedicated to it.

If you are under pressure and need to be more productive to hit a particular grade or success Mark, then this content is for You, make sure you read till the end.

How to 10x more Productive:

1.Remove all Distractions

If you are studying and you want to be more productive, you need remove all sorts of distraction like Phone, Friends, chores etc.

Your phone might not help

If you want to stay focused and concentrated as you study, you need to either turn off your phone or put it on

airplane mode or if you really need to make use of it, you need to make use of

stay focused app to avoid you from using the social media while you study.

If you don’t do this…

If you study with the social media active, from one pop-up from WhatsApp to a

video pop-up from YouTube, thus it’s over. So, if you really want to stay focused, don’t do any of the above things.

Your friends might not help:

If your friends are such that when they are around You, you find it difficult to be more productive, you need to let go of them.

A good friend is one that helps you get better and be more productive in College.

So, the best way to handle such friends is to stay away from them when you want to

study or engage in any serious thing that requires your attention and focus.

2. Have a Plan:

A wise man once said that “He that fails to plan, plans to fail”.

So, if you want to be 10x more Productive in College or while studying, you need a plan.

Even before you need a plan, you need a daily routine of a college student, this daily routine will help you all through the day.

Moreover, the daily routine is already a perfect plan but you have to adjust it so that it can help you to be more productive in College and do other extra curricular activities.

This is how you can draft a plan:

A plan is basically how you want something to be done.

So, how do you want to study, how long do you want to study, when will you eat, what if you don’t understand something during study, what will you do?

All these should be specified in the plan.

An important tip:

You can write your plan on paper or the use the mobile app called to plan your day and also place your to-do list.

3. Attend Classes:

If you want to 10x your productivity in college and improve your grades, you need to attend classes and focus as your professor explains the topic of the day.

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This is why you should attend Classes:

  • You will understand better
  • You will take attendance
  • Attending class will help you connect and get to know your classmates.
  • You get to understand what’s happening in school
  • Exams tips are given during class.

How can it make me more Productive in College?

  • Study gets faster and more comfortable
  • You get to answer questions better
  • You will work according to plan

4. Find out your peak Productivity time:

Studies show that there are some points when you are more productive than usual.

At that point, you do 10× what you do in the usual time or period.

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How do I find my productivity peak?

Research from Turner Proof Reading says If you’re not sure when you’re at your peak, keep a log for a couple of days.

Every 2–3 hours take a temperature check to see if you feel awake and productive or tired and sluggish.

When you have done it for a period of one week, find out the time you are more productive, the time you are moderately productive and the least productive.

Then work more on the time you are more productive.

5. How to be more productive in College – Scale of Preference:

Do you know about this Productivity hacks for students?

Let me explain…

This has to do with how you deal with tasks e.g studies or any other important thing.

When you start up your day, start with the with important things or the easiest things before you get to the more difficult ones.

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The easy ones prepare you for the more difficult ones; its just similar to when you want to study a difficult course, you will start from the easy questions to the difficult ones.

That’s the same thing that applies in all aspects of life.

So if you want to be more productive in College and get 10x your grades, you need to try this method.

6. Take some time off:

Studies show that the brain can accommodate a certain amount of information at a time before it gets tired and requires refreshing.

You need to realise when your brains needs to refresh so, when you study for a long while and get tired, you need to Take rest and most importantly take water during the rest period.

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How long should I rest?

As for this Productivity hacks for students, some people can study for 2 hours and rest for about 20 minutes while some can study for 5 hours and rest for just 10 minutes.

Everything depends on You and how your brain functions. So, study yourself and know what works best for you.

What do I do while resting?

You can take water, walk around a little, talk to people around and even find something to eat. All these are done to refresh the brain and make it more active.

Why should I take water?

Studies from LiveScience shows that when you take a cup of water while studying,

your brain performs better and become more productive for information to enter.

But avoid water intoxication so that you don’t get tired and weak while studying.

7. Stay Focused:

I recently published a full detail on how to stay focused in College, it shows how to be 10x more productive in College. It Includes the following:

  • Plan
  • Find a Motivation
  • Make being Focus a way of life.
  • Set goals

8. Exercise:

Exercise is one way of relieving the body from stress and weakness.

If you want to be more productive in College, you need to exercise at least once a week; maybe on Saturday morning when you are free.

If you follow the daily routine very well, you will wake up everyday to even go for work out every morning.

Work out can be as easy as jumping, pressup, skipping etc.

All these make you productive and make your brain function faster. This is one Productivity hacks for students that most people ignore so much.

This is how exercise can make you more productive:

  • It will make your brain work smarter
  • It will make you happier
  • Exercise increases your energy level
  • Exercise helps to shake off excess sweat from the body.

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9. To be more Productive in College – Sleep well:

How do you feel when you slept at night for about 2 hours or less? Do you feel stronger

or weak? When you read, do you understand?

All these are the consequences of not sleeping well at night. Studies show that

when you don’t sleep well, your body get stressed and weak leading to high blood pressure and heart attack.

What if I want to be awake at night?

Yea as a college student, there are times that you will be awake at night studying for an exam or a test or even practising a

presentation, you can start by sleeping in the afternoon so that you can be active at

night Or try and sleep few hours before midnight.

Importance of a Good Sleep:

  • Sleep makes you more productive
  • It makes your body more active
  • With a good Sleep, you can concentrate and understand better.
  • Sleep reduces inflammation – rise in stress hormones.

10. How to be more productive in College – Eat healthy foods:

If you really want to be more productive in College, you need to avoid too much junk food; try and eat cooked foods.

Foods rich in calcium and zinc like Milk and Diary should be eaten in a good quantity for body building and for stronger bones and teeth.

Fruits are also important for body building and disease fighting.

Good foods will make you more productive and active in College.


Being productive in College is a personal thing, you need to make up your mind to use these Productivity hacks for students to make progress and get good grades.

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