10 Top Welding Schools in Arkansas (Career, FAQs) | 2023

This article is for you if you want Arkansas’s top welding schools.

Many companies are looking for competent welders, and it is one of the more secure employment accessible. Aiming for safety awards and improving your skills should also be on your priority list.

Moreover, welding is not for everyone, but it may be a lucrative and gratifying job for those interested.

Is Welding a Good Career Path?

Many frequently question whether or not welding is a good profession to pursue because there are so many other possibilities.

Because to the physical demands, long hours, and poor income, welding is not a good job choice for anyone seeking ease and convenience.

Yet, many people prefer welding as a job over others due to the various benefits it offers. In most fields, a welder will apply the same fundamental skills and procedures.

Welders can often find work in other industries, even if they aren’t thriving themselves.

Is becoming a certified welder worth it in Arkansas?

Yes, welding school can be worthwhile since, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, a postsecondary welding education is increasingly becoming necessary among businesses.

In addition, there may be other advantages to finishing a welding training program.

Is a welding license required in Arkansas?

The American Welding Society (AWS) accreditation is required for anyone wishing to operate as a professional welder. To obtain this diploma, you must enroll in and complete a welder training program.

How long do most welding schools last?

Depending on the program, welding training might take anywhere from 7 months to 2 years of hands-on experience. 

Top 10 Welding Schools in Arkansas

1. Arkansas Welding Academy

Arkansas Welding Academy believes that every student deserves a chance at a better future and will work with you to achieve your objectives as long as you desire them as much as they do.

Learning the science and technology of welding, or anything else, requires dedication, tenacity, and hard work.

Arkansas Welding Academy has pledged to adhere to the “Principles of Excellence,” which establish transparency and student success rules.

AWA emphasizes on-the-job training. Successful graduates gain the American Welding Society’s nationally recognized Level I or Level II SENSE in all four welding processes and all positions, as well as career placement aid and lifelong brush-up.

He/she possesses the necessary tools and knowledge to establish a rewarding and lucrative career in the welding industry.

AWA is one of the top welding schools in Arkansas.

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2. Arkansas Career Training Institute

Welding is what glue and nails are to carpentry regarding metal fabrication. Welds bind a large portion of our world – from buildings, bridges, and heavy equipment to airplanes and machinery.

The Arkansas Career Development Center collaborates with companies and other state organizations to ensure that skills acquired are industry-relevant. Training classes are small and blended.

Soft skills training tailored to the subject of study is offered online and in-person by compassionate teachers with experience working with job seekers with impairments.

Rated as one of the best welding schools in Arkansas, one can acquire industry-recognized credentials or certificates to differentiate yourself from the competition and be considered for an internship or paid apprenticeship.

The welding course consists of two sections: Welding I and Welding II. Some of the major requirements include:

  • Ability to stand for a minimum of 6 hours
  • Ability to walk, stoop, twist, bend, pull, push, and climb
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  • Good eye-hand coordination
  • Ability to work in harsh or dusty environments

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3. Arkansas State University Mountain Home

Arkansas State University Mountain Home is one of the welding schools in Arkansas.

Completing a one-year welding technology program at Arkansas State University Mountain Home equips you with job-ready welding abilities and the opportunity to obtain various industry-recognized welder certifications.

All students receive introductory teaching in shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding before electing to specialize in one of the processes.

The technical certificate program is an ideal choice for students not yet ready to commit to a two-year degree.

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4. Asu Mid-South

Asu Mid-South is one of the welding schools in Arkansas.

The Welding Technology program at ASU Mid-South teaches theoretical and practical skills application in welding and cutting, based on American Welding Society competence requirements.

Arc welding, plasma and air carbon arc cutting, oxyacetylene, TIG, MIG, gas metal and flux-core arc welding, and oxyacetylene, TIG, MIG, and gas metal and flux-core arc welding are all real-world welding techniques you can learn.

You’ll also study welding inspection testing principles and fabrication procedures as part of the process.

Students who complete The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Welding Levels 1 and 2 at ASU Mid-South will receive credit for two years of welding training at the Boilermakers Welding Institute, thanks to the articulation agreement.

Students from ASU Mid-South will begin their BWI course in the third year. This is a compensated apprenticeship program.

For NCCER welding levels 1 and 2, both BWI and ASU Mid-South employ the same curriculum.

5. Texarkana Area Vocational

The magnificent main campus of Texarkana College is located on the northeastern boundary of Texarkana, Texas, at the intersection of Robison Road and Tucker Street, which is roughly one mile south of Interstate 30 in Bowie County, Texas.

Its 90-acre site contains a two-acre nature reserve, home to Texarkana College’s campus.

On the Texarkana College main campus and at the TC@TexAmericas Center learning site, which is located at the Red River Army Depot entrance, they offer welding programs in addition to other trades.

For example, students study cutting-edge technology such as VRTEX 360 Virtual Welders, which allow them to practice welding in various locations and using various techniques.

Texarkana Area Vocational is one of the top welding schools in Arkansas.

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6. Arkansas Valley Technical University

Arkansas Valley Technical University’s welding program is designed to prepare students for entry-level industrial and commercial welding positions.

Instruction is provided in SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW welding processes, as well as thermal cutting, blueprint reading, and layout procedures, to prepare the student for employment and further education in the large field of metalworking.

To learn to weld, an individual must possess the following characteristics: commitment, drive, intelligence, good motor coordination, and great vision.

Rated as one of Arkansas’s top welding schools, welding encompasses various skills, including joint preparation, fundamental metallurgy, personal and equipment safety, and developing the ability to interpret blueprints.

Prior to completing the course, students must pass a two-part test developed by the American Welding Society to be eligible to apply for AWS Entry Level Welding Certification.

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7. Pulaski Technical College

Pulaski Technical College is one of the welding schools in Arkansas.

Two semesters make up the welding technical certificate program.

All students study Welding I in the first semester, which covers theory, SMAW welding, Oxy-fuel cutting, Plasma arc cutting, and the completion of an AWS vertical certification in SMAW welding.

Students choose three classes shielded metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, two welding classes, or an approved elective in the second semester.

The certificate of proficiency in welding is completed after Welding I and takes one semester to complete. It allows students to meet certification criteria in the 3G (Vertical) position.

A metal testing lab provides welder certification in destructive and non-destructive testing via radiography.

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8. The University Of Arkansas Community College-Batesville

As one of the top welding schools in Arkansas, the UACCB Industrial Technology program prepares students to work as entry-level Industrial Technicians in various industries by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need.

Welding, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), or Mechatronics are the three areas in which students in the Industrial Technology degree specialize.

Certificates of Proficiency, Technical Certificates, and an Associate of Applied Science degree are all part of the curriculum.

All credit hours achieved in an Industrial Technology Certificate of Proficiency program apply toward the required credit hours for an Industrial Technology Technical Certificate or A.A.S. degree.

Similarly, all credit hours obtained in an Industrial Technology Technical Certificate program count toward the required credit hours for an Industrial Technology A.A.S. degree.

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9. South Arkansas Community College

South Arkansas Community College is one of the welding schools in Arkansas.

South Arkansas Community College’s technical certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions in the welding industry.

Metal cutting, arc welding, semi-automatic (MIG) welding, and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding are all covered.

The welding program reflects the American Welding Society’s (AWS) entry-level welder education criteria.

Students learn how to use welding techniques in real-world situations and operate and maintain industry-specific gear.

Manufacturing, maintenance, independent welding shops, and construction firms are all potential employers for graduates.

More so, the South Arkansas Community College made it to Arkansas’s list of top welding schools.

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10. Uam College Of Technology

A student must finish a Program of Study approved by his or her advisor upon attending the University of Arkansas at Monticello College of Technology McGehee to be eligible for a Technical Certificate.

The Program of Study specifies the minimum semester hours of unduplicated credit at the technical certificate level.
This Program of Study includes a list of specific credential requirements.

The Program of Study is provided for informational reasons only; the student must ensure that all prerequisites for a technical certificate at UAM College of Technology – McGehee are met. Courses may be substituted at the University’s discretion.

Students who do not achieve the required minimum level on the entrance exam may be compelled to enrol in the University’s progressive education program, which will require them to take additional credit hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Top Welding Schools in Arkansas

How do I become a welder in Arkansas?

The American Welding Society (AWS) accreditation is a prerequisite to working as a welder professionally. Step one is to finish your formal education by enrolling in a welding program.

How long does it take to become a welder in Arkansas?

2 months to 4+ years depending on the qualification.

How much does a pipe welder get paid in Arkansas?

About  $60,430 a year

Is being a welder profitable?

Welding is a lucrative field that also allows you to use your hands, see new places, and see the world. You may make a comfortable living and love your work if you find the proper welding career.


Most people can learn the foundations of welding on their own to construct basic fabrications and do typical repair work by reviewing content from credible sources and putting in a lot of practice.

However, if you have professional goals, you will not be able to achieve a high degree of expertise without the assistance of specialists.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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